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Interface ServerSession

public interface ServerSession

A ServerSession object is an application server object that is used by a server to associate a thread with a JMS session (optional).

A ServerSession implements two methods:

  • getSession - returns the ServerSession's JMS session.
  • start - starts the execution of the ServerSession thread and results in the execution of the JMS session's run method.

A ConnectionConsumer implemented by a JMS provider uses a ServerSession to process one or more messages that have arrived. It does this by getting a ServerSession from the ConnectionConsumer's ServerSessionPool; getting the ServerSession's JMS session; loading it with the messages; and then starting the ServerSession.

In most cases the ServerSession will register some object it provides as the ServerSession's thread run object. The ServerSession's start method will call the thread's start method, which will start the new thread, and from it, call the run method of the ServerSession's run object. This object will do some housekeeping and then call the Session's run method. When run returns, the ServerSession's run object can return the ServerSession to the ServerSessionPool, and the cycle starts again.

Note that the JMS API does not architect how the ConnectionConsumer loads the Session with messages. Since both the ConnectionConsumer and Session are implemented by the same JMS provider, they can accomplish the load using a private mechanism.

See Also:
ServerSessionPool, ConnectionConsumer

Method Summary
 Session getSession()
          Return the ServerSession's Session.
 void start()
          Cause the Session's run method to be called to process messages that were just assigned to it.

Method Detail


Session getSession()
                   throws JMSException
Return the ServerSession's Session. This must be a Session created by the same Connection that will be dispatching messages to it. The provider will assign one or more messages to the Session and then call start on the ServerSession.

the server session's session
JMSException - if the JMS provider fails to get the associated session for this ServerSession due to some internal error.


void start()
           throws JMSException
Cause the Session's run method to be called to process messages that were just assigned to it.

JMSException - if the JMS provider fails to start the server session to process messages due to some internal error.


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