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Package javax.resource.cci

The javax.resource.cci package contains API specification for the Common Client Interface (CCI).


Interface Summary
Connection A Connection represents an application-level handle that is used by a client to access the underlying physical connection.
ConnectionFactory ConnectionFactory provides an interface for getting connection to an EIS instance.
ConnectionMetaData The interface ConnectionMetaData provides information about an EIS instance connected through a Connection instance.
ConnectionSpec ConnectionSpec is used by an application component to pass connection request-specific properties to the ConnectionFactory.
IndexedRecord IndexedRecord represents an ordered collection of record elements based on the java.util.List interface.
Interaction The javax.resource.cci.Interaction enables a component to execute EIS functions.
InteractionSpec An InteractionSpec holds properties for driving an Interaction with an EIS instance.
LocalTransaction The LocalTransaction defines a transaction demarcation interface for resource manager local transactions.
MappedRecord The interface javax.resource.cci.MappedRecord is used for key-value map based representation of record elements.
MessageListener This serves as a request-response message listener type that message endpoints (message-driven beans) may implement.
Record The javax.resource.cci.Record interface is the base interface for the representation of an input or output to the execute methods defined on an Interaction.
RecordFactory The RecordFactory interface is used for creating MappedRecord and IndexedRecord instances.
ResourceAdapterMetaData The interface javax.resource.cci.ResourceAdapterMetaData provides information about capabilities of a resource adapter implementation.
ResultSet A ResultSet represents tabular data that is retrieved from an EIS instance by the execution of an Interaction..
ResultSetInfo The interface javax.resource.cci.ResultSetInfo provides information on the support provided for ResultSet by a connected EIS instance.
Streamable Streamable interface enables a resource adapter to extract data from an input Record or set data into an output Record as a stream of bytes.

Exception Summary
ResourceWarning A ResourceWarning provides information on warnings related to execution of an interaction with an EIS.

Package javax.resource.cci Description

The javax.resource.cci package contains API specification for the Common Client Interface (CCI).


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