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Interface JspIdConsumer

All Known Implementing Classes:
UIComponentBodyTag, UIComponentClassicTagBase, UIComponentELTag, UIComponentTag
public interface JspIdConsumer

This interface indicates to the container that a tag handler wishes to be provided with a compiler generated ID.

The container sets the jspId attribute of the tag handler with an identification string, as part of tag property initialization. Each tag in a JSP page has a unique jspId, and a given tag in a JSP page always has the same jspId, even for multiple requests to the page.

Tag handler instances that implement JspIdConsumer cannot be reused.

Even though the jspId attribute is similar in concept to the jsp:id attribute of an XML view (see Section JSP.10.1.13 of the spec), they are not related. The jsp:id attribute is available only at translation time, and the jspId attribute is avalable only at request time.

The JSP container must provide a value for jspId that conforms to the following rules:

  • It must start with a letter (as defined by the Character.isLetter() method) or underscore ('_').
  • Subsequent characters may be letters (as defined by the Character.isLetter() method), digits (as defined by the Character.isDigit() method), dashes ('-'), or underscores ('_')

Note that the rules exclude colons ':' in a jspId, and that they are the same rules used for a component ID in JavaServer Faces.

JSP 2.1

Method Summary
 void setJspId(java.lang.String id)
          Called by the container generated code to set a value for the jspId attribute.

Method Detail


void setJspId(java.lang.String id)
Called by the container generated code to set a value for the jspId attribute. An unique identification string, relative to this page, is generated at translation time.


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