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Interface BeanContextServiceProvider

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    public interface BeanContextServiceProvider

    One of the primary functions of a BeanContext is to act a as rendezvous between JavaBeans, and BeanContextServiceProviders.

    A JavaBean nested within a BeanContext, may ask that BeanContext to provide an instance of a "service", based upon a reference to a Java Class object that represents that service.

    If such a service has been registered with the context, or one of its nesting context's, in the case where a context delegate to its context to satisfy a service request, then the BeanContextServiceProvider associated with the service is asked to provide an instance of that service.

    The ServcieProvider may always return the same instance, or it may construct a new instance for each request.

    • Method Detail

      • getService

        Object getService(BeanContextServices bcs,
                          Object requestor,
                          Class serviceClass,
                          Object serviceSelector)
        Invoked by BeanContextServices, this method requests an instance of a service from this BeanContextServiceProvider.
        bcs - The BeanContextServices associated with this particular request. This parameter enables the BeanContextServiceProvider to distinguish service requests from multiple sources.
        requestor - The object requesting the service
        serviceClass - The service requested
        serviceSelector - the service dependent parameter for a particular service, or null if not applicable.
        a reference to the requested service
      • releaseService

        void releaseService(BeanContextServices bcs,
                            Object requestor,
                            Object service)
        Invoked by BeanContextServices, this method releases a nested BeanContextChild's (or any arbitrary object associated with a BeanContextChild) reference to the specified service.
        bcs - the BeanContextServices associated with this particular release request
        requestor - the object requesting the service to be released
        service - the service that is to be released
      • getCurrentServiceSelectors

        Iterator getCurrentServiceSelectors(BeanContextServices bcs,
                                            Class serviceClass)
        Invoked by BeanContextServices, this method gets the current service selectors for the specified service. A service selector is a service specific parameter, typical examples of which could include: a parameter to a constructor for the service implementation class, a value for a particular service's property, or a key into a map of existing implementations.
        bcs - the BeanContextServices for this request
        serviceClass - the specified service
        the current service selectors for the specified serviceClass


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