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Class ModelMBeanNotificationInfo

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Cloneable, DescriptorAccess, DescriptorRead

    public class ModelMBeanNotificationInfo
    extends MBeanNotificationInfo
    implements DescriptorAccess

    The ModelMBeanNotificationInfo object describes a notification emitted by a ModelMBean. It is a subclass of MBeanNotificationInfo with the addition of an associated Descriptor and an implementation of the Descriptor interface.

    The fields in the descriptor are defined, but not limited to, the following. Note that when the Type in this table is Number, a String that is the decimal representation of a Long can also be used.

    nameString Notification name.
    descriptorTypeString Must be "notification".
    severityNumber 0-6 where 0: unknown; 1: non-recoverable; 2: critical, failure; 3: major, severe; 4: minor, marginal, error; 5: warning; 6: normal, cleared, informative
    messageIDString Unique key for message text (to allow translation, analysis).
    messageTextString Text of notification.
    logString T - log message, F - do not log message.
    logfileString fully qualified file name appropriate for operating system.
    visibilityNumber 1-4 where 1: always visible 4: rarely visible.
    presentationStringString XML formatted string to allow presentation of data.

    The default descriptor contains the name, descriptorType, displayName and severity(=6) fields. The default value of the name and displayName fields is the name of the Notification class (as specified by the name parameter of the ModelMBeanNotificationInfo constructor).

    The serialVersionUID of this class is -7445681389570207141L.

    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • ModelMBeanNotificationInfo

        public ModelMBeanNotificationInfo(String[] notifTypes,
                                          String name,
                                          String description)
        Constructs a ModelMBeanNotificationInfo object with a default descriptor.
        notifTypes - The array of strings (in dot notation) containing the notification types that may be emitted.
        name - The name of the Notification class.
        description - A human readable description of the Notification. Optional.
      • ModelMBeanNotificationInfo

        public ModelMBeanNotificationInfo(String[] notifTypes,
                                          String name,
                                          String description,
                                          Descriptor descriptor)
        Constructs a ModelMBeanNotificationInfo object.
        notifTypes - The array of strings (in dot notation) containing the notification types that may be emitted.
        name - The name of the Notification class.
        description - A human readable description of the Notification. Optional.
        descriptor - An instance of Descriptor containing the appropriate metadata for this instance of the MBeanNotificationInfo. If it is null a default descriptor will be created. If the descriptor does not contain the fields "displayName" or "severity", the missing ones are added with their default values.
        RuntimeOperationsException - Wraps an IllegalArgumentException. The descriptor is invalid, or descriptor field "name" is not equal to parameter name, or descriptor field "descriptorType" is not equal to "notification".
      • ModelMBeanNotificationInfo

        public ModelMBeanNotificationInfo(ModelMBeanNotificationInfo inInfo)
        Constructs a new ModelMBeanNotificationInfo object from this ModelMBeanNotfication Object.
        inInfo - the ModelMBeanNotificationInfo to be duplicated
    • Method Detail

      • clone

        public Object clone()
        Creates and returns a new ModelMBeanNotificationInfo which is a duplicate of this ModelMBeanNotificationInfo.
        clone in class MBeanNotificationInfo
        a clone of this instance.
        See Also:
      • setDescriptor

        public void setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
        Sets associated Descriptor (full replace) for the ModelMBeanNotificationInfo If the new Descriptor is null, then the associated Descriptor reverts to a default descriptor. The Descriptor is validated before it is assigned. If the new Descriptor is invalid, then a RuntimeOperationsException wrapping an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.
        Specified by:
        setDescriptor in interface DescriptorAccess
        inDescriptor - replaces the Descriptor associated with the ModelMBeanNotification interface
        RuntimeOperationsException - Wraps an IllegalArgumentException for invalid Descriptor.
        See Also:
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a human readable string containing ModelMBeanNotificationInfo.
        toString in class MBeanNotificationInfo
        a string describing this object.


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