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Class CSS

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class CSS
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Defines a set of CSS attributes as a typesafe enumeration. The HTML View implementations use CSS attributes to determine how they will render. This also defines methods to map between CSS/HTML/StyleConstants. Any shorthand properties, such as font, are mapped to the intrinsic properties.

    The following describes the CSS properties that are supported by the rendering engine:

    • font-family
    • font-style
    • font-size (supports relative units)
    • font-weight
    • font
    • color
    • background-color (with the exception of transparent)
    • background-image
    • background-repeat
    • background-position
    • background
    • text-decoration (with the exception of blink and overline)
    • vertical-align (only sup and super)
    • text-align (justify is treated as center)
    • margin-top
    • margin-right
    • margin-bottom
    • margin-left
    • margin
    • padding-top
    • padding-right
    • padding-bottom
    • padding-left
    • padding
    • border-top-style
    • border-right-style
    • border-bottom-style
    • border-left-style
    • border-style (only supports inset, outset and none)
    • border-top-color
    • border-right-color
    • border-bottom-color
    • border-left-color
    • border-color
    • list-style-image
    • list-style-type
    • list-style-position
    The following are modeled, but currently not rendered.
    • font-variant
    • background-attachment (background always treated as scroll)
    • word-spacing
    • letter-spacing
    • text-indent
    • text-transform
    • line-height
    • border-top-width (this is used to indicate if a border should be used)
    • border-right-width
    • border-bottom-width
    • border-left-width
    • border-width
    • border-top
    • border-right
    • border-bottom
    • border-left
    • border
    • width
    • height
    • float
    • clear
    • display
    • white-space
    • list-style

    Note: for the time being we do not fully support relative units, unless noted, so that p { margin-top: 10% } will be treated as if no margin-top was specified.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • CSS

        public CSS()
    • Method Detail

      • getAllAttributeKeys

        public static CSS.Attribute[] getAllAttributeKeys()
        Return the set of all possible CSS attribute keys.
      • getAttribute

        public static final CSS.Attribute getAttribute(String name)
        Translates a string to a CSS.Attribute object. This will return null if there is no attribute by the given name.
        name - the name of the CSS attribute to fetch the typesafe enumeration for
        the CSS.Attribute object, or null if the string doesn't represent a valid attribute key


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