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Class W3CDomHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • W3CDomHandler

        public W3CDomHandler()
        Default constructor. It is up to a JAXB provider to decide which DOM implementation to use or how that is configured.
      • W3CDomHandler

        public W3CDomHandler(DocumentBuilder builder)
        Constructor that allows applications to specify which DOM implementation to be used.
        builder - must not be null. JAXB uses this DocumentBuilder to create a new element.
    • Method Detail

      • createUnmarshaller

        public DOMResult createUnmarshaller(ValidationEventHandler errorHandler)
        Description copied from interface: DomHandler
        When a JAXB provider needs to unmarshal a part of a document into an infoset representation, it first calls this method to create a Result object.

        A JAXB provider will then send a portion of the XML into the given result. Such a portion always form a subtree of the whole XML document rooted at an element.

        Specified by:
        createUnmarshaller in interface DomHandler<Element,DOMResult>
        errorHandler - if any error happens between the invocation of this method and the invocation of DomHandler.getElement(Result), they must be reported to this handler. The caller must provide a non-null error handler. The Result object created from this method may hold a reference to this error handler.
        null if the operation fails. The error must have been reported to the error handler.
      • marshal

        public Source marshal(Element element,
                              ValidationEventHandler errorHandler)
        Description copied from interface: DomHandler
        This method is called when a JAXB provider needs to marshal an element to XML.

        If non-null, the returned Source must contain a whole document rooted at one element, which will then be weaved into a bigger document that the JAXB provider is marshalling.

        Specified by:
        marshal in interface DomHandler<Element,DOMResult>
        errorHandler - Receives any errors happened during the process of converting an element into a Source. The caller must provide a non-null error handler.
        null if there was an error. The error should have been reported to the handler.


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