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Package org.omg.SendingContext

Provides support for the marshalling of value types.

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  • Interface Summary 
    Interface Description
    Defines the base class that represents the Sending Context of a request.
    Defines operations on the base class that represents the Sending Context of a request.

Package org.omg.SendingContext Description

Provides support for the marshalling of value types. Value type marshalling may require access to an implementation of the value type or to meta information about the value type. This information is passed between the sending context and the receiving context using a particular service context containing an instance of the SendingContext.RunTime interface.

A sending context may be either the client side or the server side of an invocation, depending on which contains a value type. The sending context is the client side of an invocation if the request contains a value type. It is the server side if the reply contains a value type. The other party in the communication is the receiving context.

The service context marshalled for SendingContext consists of an encapsulated IOR for the SendingContext.RunTime interface. RunTime is just a marker interface defined to allow extensibility in the future. There is currently only one subinterface of RunTime defined: the SendingContext.CodeBase interface. The interface CodeBase defines operations to obtain code URLs and meta-information about a value type received from the sending context.

Note that these classes are currently defined in the package rather than in the package org.omg.SendingContext. This has been done to avoid including large parts of the interface repository in the JDK core, since the interface repository is still evolving in response to the needs of the CORBA Components work.

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For a precise list of supported sections of official specifications with which the Java[tm] Platform, Standard Edition 6 ORB complies, see Official Specifications for CORBA support in Java[tm] SE 6.



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