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JavaBeans API Enhancements in Java SE 5.0

API Enhancements to the JavaBeans Component API in Java SE 5.0

This document describes changes to the java.beans package that were introduced in Java SE 5.0:

Support for IndexedPropertyChangeEvent

The bugtraq report that corresponds to this change is: 4353056

A new subclass of PropertyChangeEvent named IndexedPropertyChangeEvent has been added to support bound properties that use an index to identify the part of the bean that changed. Also, three methods, all named fireIndexedPropertyChange, have been added to the PropertyChangeSupport utility class to support firing indexed property change events. You can find an example of using indexed property change events in

New Method for Creating a PropertyEditor

The bugtraq report that corresponds to this change is: 4274639

A new method called createPropertyEditor has been added to the PropertyDescriptor class.

Public Constructors for PropertyEditorSupport

The bugtraq report that corresponds to this change is: 4305280

The two PropertyEditorSupport constructors are now public instead of protected, so that PropertyEditorSupport objects can be more easily created and used as delegates. Also, the source object is now exposed by means of new setSource and getSource methods.


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