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Java Image I/O Technology

Java Image I/O Technology

The Java Image I/O API, developed through JSR-015, provides a pluggable architecture for working with images stored in files and accessed across the network. It offers substantially more flexibility and power than the previous APIs for loading and saving images.

The API provides a framework for the addition of format-specific plugins. Plug-ins for several common formats are included with Java Image I/O, but third parties can use this API to create their own plugins to handle special formats.

API Specification

The Java Image I/O API Specification consists of the following packages:

  • javax.imageio - the basic classes and interfaces for describing the contents of image files, including metadata and thumbnails; controlling the image reading and writing process; performing transcoding between formats; and reporting errors.
  • javax.imageio.event - interfaces for dealing with synchronous notification of events during the reading and writing of images.
  • javax.imageio.metadata - classes and interfaces for reading and writing image metadata.
  • javax.imageio.plugins.bmp - a support class for the built-in BMP reader and writer plug-ins.
  • javax.imageio.plugins.jpeg - some support classes for the built-in JPEG reader and writer plug-ins.
  • javax.imageio.spi - service-provider interfaces for: readers, writers, transcoders; and includes a runtime registry.
  • - classes and interfaces for low-level I/O from files and streams.

Tutorials and Programmer's Guides

The Java Image I/O API Guide describes the API in more detail and demonstrates how to use Java Image I/O to read and write images and write custom plug-ins.

API Enhancements

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