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A Command Reference

This appendix serves as a basic reference to the commands you can use with Java Flight Recorder. It contains the following sections:

A.1 Command-Line Options

When you launch your Java application with the java command, you can specify options to enable Java Flight Recorder, configure its settings, and start a recording. The following command-line options are specific to Java Flight Recorder:

  • -XX:+|-FlightRecorder

  • -XX:FlightRecorderOptions

  • -XX:StartFlightRecording

These command-line options are available only in the commercial license of the JDK. To use them, you have to also specify the -XX:+UnlockCommercialFeatures option.

For more information about these options, see Java Command Line Reference at (Solaris, Linux) (Windows)


You should use -XX options only if you have a thorough understanding of your system. If you use these commands improperly, you might affect the stability or performance of your system. -XX options are experimantal, and they are subject to change at any time.

A.2 Diagnostic Command Reference

This is a description of the diagnostic commands available to control Java Flight Recorder and the parameters available for each command. This information is also available by running the jcmd command with the process identifier specified, followed by the help parameter and the commad name. For example, to get help information for the JFR.start command on a running JVM process with the identifier 5361, run the following:

jcmd 5361 help JFR.start

To get a full list of diagnostic commands available to the JVM, do not specify the name of the command. For more information about using the jcmd command, see the jcmd documentation at:

The diagnostic commands associated with Java Flight Recorder are:

A.2.1 JFR.start

The JFR.start diagnostic command starts a flight recording. Table A-1 lists the parameters you can use with this command.

A.2.2 JFR.check

The JFR.check command shows information about running recordings. Table A-2 lists the parameters you can use with this command.

A.2.3 JFR.stop

The JFR.stop diagnostic command stops running flight recordings. Table A-3 lists the parameters you can use with this command.

A.2.4 JFR.dump

The JFR.dump diagnostic command stops running flight recordings. Table A-4 lists the parameters you can use with this command.

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