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Traces in the JMX implementation are based on the Java SE logging capability (provided by classes in the java.util.logging package). The JMX implementation uses a set of Loggers for sending traces. All Loggers are contained in the namespace, which corresponds to the name of the root package hosting all public JMX interfaces.

The list below shows the Logger objects used in this implementation and their corresponding category of activity.

Logger Name: Information logged Information about the MBean Server Information from an MLet service Information from a monitor Information from a timer Information from the notification mechanism Information from the Relation Service Information from the Model MBean components Information sent from any other class. Information from the RMI connector. Information sent from any other JMX Remote API class.

The following log levels are used in JMX:

JMX log level: Description
Level.FINEST Used to print debugging traces (useful for diagnosing the JMX implementation)
Level.FINER Used to print information traces
Level.SEVERE Used to notify of error conditions


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