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New SocketExceptions in JDK 1.1

New SocketExceptions in JDK 1.1

Previously, all network errors in java raised a SocketException, which didn't provide enough information to decipher what went wrong. Was the connection refused by the remote machine (no one listening on that port)? Or was the host unreachable (connect attempt timed out)? JDK 1.1 adds three new classes that provide a finer granularity of reported errors:


    The local port is in use, or the requested bind address couldn't be assigned locally.

            public class BindException extends SocketException {

    This exception is raised when a connection is refused at the remote host (i.e., no process is listening on that port).

            public class ConnectException extends SocketException {

    The connect attempt timed out, or the remote host is otherwise unreachable.

            public class NoRouteToHostException extends SocketException {

Simple Usage Examples:

  • On the Client Side:
            Socket s = null;
            try {
               s = new Socket("", 80);
            } catch (UnknownHostException e) {
               // check spelling of hostname
            } catch (ConnectException e) {
               // connection refused - is server down? Try another port.
            } catch (NoRouteToHostException e) {
               // The connect attempt timed out.  Try connecting through a proxy
            } catch (IOException e) {
               // another error occurred
  • On the Server Side:
            ServerSocket ss = null;
            try {
                /* try to bind to local address */
                InetAddress in = InetAddress.getByName("");
                int port = 8000;
                int backlog = 5;
                ss = new ServerSocket(port, backlog, in);
            } catch (BindException e) {             
                // port 8000 in use, or can't bind to as a local address
            } catch (SocketException e) {
                // another error occurred


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