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OS/2 User Group. E. Brunsen. August 1993. RFC1501. (Format: TXT=3636 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC1501)

 Network Working Group                                         E. Brunsen
Request for Comments: 1501                 Eastern New Mexico University
                                                             August 1993
                            OS/2 User Group
Status of this Memo
   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
   does not specify an IAB standard of any kind.  Distribution of this
   memo is unlimited.
   This RFC is being distributed to members of the Internet community in
   order to solicit their reactions to the proposals contained in it.
   While the issues discussed may not be directly relevant to the
   research problems of the Internet, they may be interesting to a
   number of researchers and implementers.
   There is a group called The Phoenix Group which is in the process of
   determining the need for a national OS/2 users' group.  This group is
   targeted for the *individual* user of OS/2, and is designed to
   provide an effective vehicle through which users can communicate
   their desires for OS/2 to IBM.  If you work in the corporate
   Information Technology world, you are no doubt familiar with
   organizations such as SHARE, GUIDE, COMMON and DECIUS, among many.
   These organizations serve as a focal point for users, and represent a
   combined voice to IBM (SHARE, GUIDE and COMMON) and Digital Equipment
   Company (DECIUS).  The intent of these organizations is to work
   closely with their respective hardware/software providers to
   influence their direction of their products, be they operating
   systems or CPU's.
   To this end, many of us in other electronic fora believe that there
   is no representative voice for the end-user of OS/2 with IBM.  Thus,
   The Phoenix Group, is taking a straw poll of OS/2 users in many
   different electronic fora to determine the need for, and membership
   potential for such an organization.  The founding council of The
   Phoenix Group consists of the following individuals:
      Mike Andrews, Eric Brunsen, Max Eidswick, Robin Frank,
      Stan Hawkins, Jack Hiatt, Bob Holmes, Wayne Holmes,
      John Schaeffer, and Toby Pennycuff
   You may recognize some of the names in this group, and you may not.
   However, we are all long-time users of OS/2, and all believe that
Brunsen                                                         [Page 1]
RFC 1501                    OS/2 User Group                  August 1993
   such an organization is an absolute necessity.  We would like to get
   some gauge of how many people would be willing to become a part of
   such an organization.
   If we receive a strong response, we are prepared to approach IBM
   PSP's senior management regarding our proposal, and work with them to
   formulate an organization which meets both parties' best interests.
   If you would have an interest in joining such a group, please send a
   note to the following address on the Internet with your name and
   We will compile a database of respondees, and will keep everyone
   notified of our progress electronically.  We all look forward to your
   comments and suggestions.
Security Considerations
   Security issues are not discussed in this memo.
Author's Address
   Eric Brunsen
   Eastern New Mexico University
   Station 15
   Portales, NM  88130
   Phone: (505) 562-2694
   Fax:   (505) 562-2349
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