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Network Graphics meeting. A. Vezza. April 1971. RFC134. (Format: TXT=2684 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC134)

 Network Working Group                                           A. Vezza
Request for Comments: #134                                 29 April 1971
NIC 6711
                        Network Graphics Meeting
     Project MAC will host a Network Graphics Meeting on the 18th,
19th, and 20th of July 1971.  The meeting will be held at the MIT
Endicott House at 20 Haven Street, Dedham, Massachusetts.  A map
indicating routes and writtem directions to the Endicott House from
Boston's (Logan) airport and from MIT are attached.  Meeting attendees
should plan to arrive at the Endicott House between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.
on Sunday, July 18th.  The meeting will formally commence at 6:00 p.m.
on the 18th and end after lunch on Tuesday, July 20th.  Attendees are
invited to visit Project MAC for open discussions and/or
demonstrations at the conclusion of the meeting.  Reservations for the
meeting may be made by contacting either Miss Fran Yost or Miss Mary
Bizot by calling 617-864-6900, x1458 or writing to:
         Miss Fran Yost or Miss Mary Bizot c/o Mr. A. Vezza
         Project MAC/MIT
         545 Technology Square
         Room 201
         Cambridge, Massachussetts 02139
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NIC 6711
     The ground rules for attendance and topics for discussion are as
outlined in RFC #87.  Basically, each organization represented is
expected to participate by presenting one or more working papers in
one or more of the areas chosen for discussion.  A minimal working
paper is defined to consist of a set of written notes and an oral
presentation.  We suggest that the RFC mechanism be used to
disseminate the written working notes.  I am asking that all attendees
make reservations no later than June 1st and that all RFC's and
working notes which are pertinent to this meeting be in my hand no
later than Tuesday, June 22nd.  We will publish by June 25th a
bibliography of reading material pertinent to this graphic meeting and
a list of prospective attendees.  Authors of working notes not
disseminated through the RFC mechanism are responsible for mailing to
each attendee a copy of his working notes no later than July 1, 1971.
     Each attendee making a presentation can expect a telephone call
from me about July 5 to find how much time he wants for his
presentation.  The times will be scaled appropriately to fit the
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