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Network Information Center schedule for network users. J.T. Melvin, R.W. Watson. September 1971. RFC223. (Format: TXT=5369 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC223)

 Network Working Group                   John Melvin
Request for Comments #223               Dick Watson
NIC 7622                                14 September 1971
Category:       G.2
Uptades:        none
   The Network Information Center has planned to provide service for
   network users on a regular basis Monday through Friday.
   This service will begin on Monday, October 4, 1971.
   The daily schedule for network users will be:
      (times are Pacific Daylight / Pacific Standard Time)
      0500 to 1200      system available
                        except Tuesday, when hours are 0800 to 1200
      1200 to 1300      system not available
      1300 to 1800      system available
      1800 to 2200      system available on an irregular basis
      2200 to 0500      system not available
   This schedule is temporary and subject to change.
   The system is available on an irregular basis on weekends.
   Those periods marked as available on an irregular basis are generally
   devoted to system development.  Any user may be asked to log off on
   short notice.
   As soon as the user's Telnet connection is established to the NIC,
   the system herald will be printed, followed immediately by a brief
   (possibly null) message to network users.  This message will contain
   any items that are of particular interest to network users.
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   In order to log in:
      use your site ident as the user name
      the password is ARPA
      use an account number consisting of site ident-your last name
         for example, if we receive the string
                log ucla-nmc arpa ucla-postel
         the user will be logged in as John Postel from UCLA
   After logging in, the (possibly null) system message common to all
   logins will be printed.
   If you experience any trouble getting into the NIC, call us via the
   telephone numbers listed below.  If the number is not listed as a
   direct dial, you must contact your operator and ask for the appro-
   priate Zenith or Enterprise number.  If the operator is unfamiliar
   with the use of Enterprise or Zenith numbers, ask to speak to the
      Dick Watson for administrative problems.
      John Melvin vor NCP or Telnet problems.
      Marily Auerbach or Dirk van Nouhuys for TNLS problems.
      If NIC personnel do not answer, a local answering service will
      take the call.  Give the name of the person to whom your question
      is directed and your question or comment.  We will contact the
      answering service every morning and reply as soon as possible.
         Ident        Site                         Phone
         AMES-CD      NASA Ames                    dial direct, 329-0740
                      CD Group
         AMES-ILLIAC  NASA Ames                    dial direct, 329-0740
                      ILLIAC Group
         ARPA         Advanced Research            Enterprise 1-0740
                      Projects Agency
         BBN-NET      BBN                          Enterprise 0740
                      Network Group
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         BBN-TENEX    BBN                          Enterprise 0740
                      TENEX Group
         CASE         Case Western Reserve         Enterprise 0740
         CMU          Carnegie-Mellon              Enterprise 9074
         HARV         Harvard University           Enterprise 0740
         ILL          University of Illinois       Enterprise 1074
         LINC-67      M.I.T. Lincoln Lab           Enterprise 0740
                      67 Group
         LINC-TX2     M.I.T. Lincoln Lab           Enterprise 0740
                      TX-2 Group
         MIT-DMCG     Project MAC                  Enterprise 0740
                      DMCG Group
         MIT-MULTICS  Project MAC                  Enterprise 0740
                      Multics Group
         MITRE        MITRE Corporation            Enterprise 1-0740
         RADC         Rome                         Enterprise 0740
                      Air Development Center
         RAND         Rand Corporation             Zenith 9-0740
         SDC          System Development           Zenith 9-0740
         SU-AI        Stanford University          dial direct 329-0740
                      AI Group
         UCLA-CCN     UCLA                         Zenith 9-0740
                      Campus Computing Network
         UCLA-NMC     UCLA                         Zenith 9-0740
                      Network Measurement Center
         UCSB         Univ of California           Zenith 9-0740
                      Santa Barbara
                                                                [Page 3]
         USC          University of                Zenith 9-0740
                      Southern California
         UTAH         University of Utah           Zenith 9-0740
       [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
      [ into the online RFC archives by Sander van Malssen 7/97 ]
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