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Standardization of host call letters. A. Bhushan, R. Metcalfe. September 1971. RFC233. (Format: TXT=3206 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC233)

 Network Working Group           28 Sept 71              Abhay Bhushan
RFC #233, NIC #7650                                     Bob Metcalfe
                 Standardization of Host Call Letters
We agree with Peggy Karp (See RFC #226) that there would be some
benefit in standardizing the symbolic host names used in TELNET
programs.  It should be recognized that there is a trade-off
between brevity and mnemonicism.  It is our feeling that a good
set of host call letters can be developed using only four
characters (see Jim White's in RFC #206.)  Each host should
suggest its own call letters.  Upper and lower case letters
should be used interchangeably.  The following is our currently
recommended list:
       Host Number    Name-4            Name-8
       -----------    ------            ------
             1          sex             sex-ucla
             65         ccn             ccn-ucla
             2          nic             nic-sri
             66         srai            sri-ai
             3          ucsb            ucsb
             4          utah            utah
             5          bbn5            bbn-516
             69         bbna            bbn-10x
             133        bbnb            bbn-x10x
             6          mult            multics
             70         dmcg            mit-dmcg
             134        its             mit-ai
             7          ra65            rand-65
             71         ra10            rand-10
             8          sdc             sdc
             9          harv            harvard
             73         har1            harvpdp1
             137        ha11            harpdp11
             10         ll67            linc-67
             74         tx2             linc-tx2
             11         stan            stanford
             12         ill             illinois
             13         case            case
             14         cmu             cmu
             15         paol            paoli
             16         ames            ames-67
             144        amtp            ames-tip
             145        mttp            mitretip
             18         radc            radc
             146        rdtp            radc-tip
                                                                [Page 1]
             19         nbs             nbspdp11
             147        nbtp            nbs-tip
             148        etac            etac
             21         tink            tink-418
             22         mccl            mccl-418
             23         usc             usc-44
             151        ustp            usc-tip
             152        gwc             gwc-tip
             25         ncar            ncar7600
             153        nctp            ncar-tip
             158        bbtp            bbn-tip
       [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
       [ into the online RFC archives by BBN Corp. under the   ]
       [ direction of Alex McKenzie.                   12/96   ]
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