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A Draft of Host Names. R.W. Watson. November 1971. RFC280. (Format: TXT=3629 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC280)

 NWG/RFC# 280                                17-NOV-71 15:57  8060
A Draft Set of Host Names                   Richard W. Watson
The enclosed list of host names is a draft.  The hosts with an *
next to them indicated that this is the name they desired.  The
others are names assigned.  If I do not hear from representatives
at the hosts to change or correct the names in this list by
December 3, I will publish a list which we all can consider
 Formal Name                    Nickname         Network Address
*AMES-ILLIAC                    I4
*AMES-67                                          16
*AMES-TIP                                        144
*BBN-NCC                        NCC                5
*BBN-TESTIP                                      158
*CMU-10                                           14
*MIT-DMCG                       DMCG              70
*MIT-MULTICS                    MIT-M              6
*MITRE-TIP                                       145
*RAND-CSG                                         71
*RAND-RCC                                          7
*SRI-AI                                           66
*SRI-ARC                        NIC                2
*UCLA-CCN                       CCN               65
*UCLA-NMC                       SEX                1
*UCSB-MOD75                     MOD75              3
*USC-44                                           23
BBN-TENEX                       TENEX             69
                                                                [Page 1]
NWG/RFC# 280                                17-NOV-71 15:57  8060
A Draft Set of Host Names
BBN-TENEXB                                       133
BURR                                              15
BURR-TEST                                         79
CASE-10                                           13
ETAC-TIP                                         148
GWC-TIP                                          152
HARV-1                                            73
HARV-10                                            9
HARV-11                                          137
ILL-11                                            12
ILL-6500                                          76
LL-67                                             10
LL-TSP                                           138
LL-TX2                                            74
MCCL-418                                          22
MIT-AI                                           134
NBS-11                                            19
NBS-TIP                                          147
NCAR-7600                                         25
NCAR-TIP                                         153
RADC-645                                          18
                                                                [Page 2]
NWG/RFC# 280                                17-NOV-71 15:57  8060
A Draft Set of Host Names
RADC-TIP                                         146
SDC-75                                             8
SU-SAIL                                           11
TINK-418                                          21
USC-TIP                                          151
UTAH-10                                            4
    [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
    [ into the online RFC archives by BBN Corp. under the   ]
    [ direction of Alex McKenzie.                   12/96   ]
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