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Proposed Standard Socket Numbers. J. Postel. May 1972. RFC349. (Format: TXT=1663 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC433) (Also RFC204, RFC322) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC349)

 Network Working Group                           Jon Postel
Request for Comments : 349                      Computer Science
NIC : 10428                                     30 May 72
Categories : Socket Numbers
References : RFC's 322, 204
                    Proposed Standard Socket Numbers
I propose that there be a czar (me ?) who hands out official socket
numbers for use by standard protocols.  This czar should also keep track
of and publish a list of those socket numbers where host specific
services can be obtained.  I further suggest that the initial allocation
be as follows:
        Sockets         Assignment
        0-63            Network wide standard functions
        64-127          Host specific functions
        128-239         Reserved for future use
        240-255         Any experimental function
and within the network wide standard functions the following particular
assignment be made:
        Socket          Assignment
           1            Telnet
           3            File Transfer
           5            Remote Job Entry
           7            Echo
           9            Discard
these socket numbers (decimal) are to be used for the socket called "L"
in the official Initial Connection protocol (ICP) as specified in NIC
7104 the "Current Network Protocols" notebook.
       [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
       [ into the online RFC archives by BBN Corp. under the   ]
       [ direction of Alex McKenzie.                   12/96   ]
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