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Graphics information form for the ARPANET graphics resources notebook. D. Crocker. June 1972. RFC351. (Format: TXT=2150 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC351)

 Network Working Group                                   David H. Crocker
Request for Comments: 351                                           UCLA
NIC 10593                                                    5 June 1972
          (Graphics)Information form for the ARPANET Graphics
                          Resources Notebook:
   Attached is a questionnaire about the state of graphics resources at
   your site.  As per the last Graphics Protocol Committee meeting, we
   are attempting to compile such information for an ARPANET Graphics
   Resources Notebook.
   Please complete the form and return it as soon as possible,
   preferably as a NIC Journal entry (making it easier for us to
   manipulate the information) to Dave Crocker (Nic Ident: DHC).
   Mailing address:
      David Crocker
      c/o Jon Postel
      Computer Science Department
      School of Engineering and Applied Science
      3804 Boelter Hall
      University of California
      Los Angeles, California  90024
   Name of organization and Host number(s):
   Mailing address:
   Local Graphics Experts (names & phone number):
   Local graphics hardware:
   Local graphics capabilities:
   Limitations/Abilities over the NET (differences from local options):
   Default conditions when entering over the NET:
Crocker                                                         [Page 1]
RFC 351         Info Form for ARPANET Graphics Resources       June 1972
   Graphics routines available over the NET (please add explanations
   about the advantages/appeal of the programs):
   Logger & Pre-logger (Net connection(s), login, process-initiation
   procedures, including all NET-specific actions):
   Attention-getting ('escape') signals:
   Graphics demonstration opportunities
      Demo account number(s) or procedures:
      Demo programs:
   Interests & Capabilities:
   Additional comments:
         [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
           [ into the online RFC archives by Bob German 10/99 ]
Crocker                                                         [Page 2] 


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