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Updated distribution list. J. Postel, S.D. Crocker. July 1970. RFC52. (Format: TXT=5088 bytes) (Updated by RFC69) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC52)

 Network Working Group                                          J. Postel
Request for Comments #52                                      S. Crocker
                                                               1 July 70
                       Updated Distribution List
One copy only will be sent from the author's site to:
     1.  Abhai Bhushan, MIT
     2.  Alfred Cocanower, MERIT
     3.  Gerry Cole, SDC
     4.  Bill English, SRI
     5.  Bob Flegel, Utah
     6.  James Forgie, LL
     7.  Jim Fry, MITRE
     8.  Nico Haberman, Carnegie-Mellon
     9.  John Heafner, RAND
     10.  Bob Kahn, BB&N
     11.  Margie Lannon, Harvard
     12.  James Madden, Univ. of Ill.
     13.  Thomas O'Sullivan, Raytheon
     14.  Larry Roberts, ARPA
     15.  Robert Sproull, Stanford
     16.  Ron Stoughton, UCSB
     17.  Chuck Rose, Case University
     18.  Benita Kirstel
Below are the most current addresses I have.  Please correct as
    Abhai Bhushan                           MIT
    Room 807 - Project MAC                  (617) 864-6900
    545 Technology Square                            x5857 5887
    Cambridge, Mass.  02139
    Alfred Cocanower                        (313) 764-9423
    MERIT Computer Network Project
    622 Church Street
    Ann Arbour, Michigan 48104
    Gerry Cole                              SDC
    7842 Croyden                            2500 Colorado
    Los Angeles, Calif. 90045               Santa Monica, Calif.  90406
                                            (213) 393-9411 x6135 6186
                                                           x7057 (Sec'y)
                                                                [Page 1]
    Bill English                            SRI
    Stanford Research Institute             (415) 326-6200
    333 Ravenswood                                x2375
    Menlo Park, Calif.  94025
    Bob Flegel                              Utah
    Computer Science Dept.                  (801) 322-8224
    University of Utah
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
    James Forgie                            LL
    Mass. Institute of Technology           (617) 862-5500
    Lincoln Laboratory B-115                       x7173
    P.O. Box 73
    Lexington, Mass. 02173
    Jim Fry                                 MITRE
    The MITRE Corporation                   (703) 893-3500, x355
    Westgate Research Park                                  x318
    McLean, Va. 22101
    Nico Haberman                           Carnegie-Mellon
    Computer Science Dept.                  (412) 683-7000, x226
    Carnegie-Mellon University
    Schenley Park
    Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
    John Heafner                            RAND
    The Rand Corporation                    (213) 393-0411
    1700 Main Street
    Santa Monica, Calif. 90406
    Robert Kahn                             BB&N
    Bolt, Beranek and Newman                (617) 491-1850
    50 Mouton Street
    Cambridge, Mass. 02138
    Margie Lannon                           Harvard
    Harvard Network Project                 (617) 868-7600 x 3989
    Aiken Computation Lab.
    Room 212
    33 Oxford Street
    Cambridge, Mass. 02138
                                                                [Page 2]
    James Madden                            Univ. of Ill.
    University of Illinois                  (217) 333-1000
    168 Engineering Res. Lab.
    Urbana, Illinois  61801
    Thomas O'Sullivan                       Raytheon
    Equipment Division Headquarters         (617) 899-8400
    Raytheon Company                                  x228
    40 Second Avenue
    Waltham, Mass. 02154
    Larry Roberts                           ARPA
    ODS/ARPA                                (202) OX7-8663
    3D167 Pentagon                                OX7-8654
    Washington, D.C. 20301
    Robert Sproull                          Stanford
    Artificial Intelligence Project         (415) 321-2300
    Stanford University                              x4971
    Stanford, Calif. 94305
    Ron Stoughton                           UCSB
    Computer Research Lab.                  (805) 961-3221
    University of California
    Santa Barbara, Calif.  94025
    Chuck Rose                              Case University
    Jennings Computing Center               (216) 368-2000
    Case Western Reserve University                x2808
    10900 Euclid Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio  44106
    Benita Kirstel                          UCLA
    3732 Boelter Hall                       (213) 825-2368
    University of California                      825-4864
    Los Angeles, California
         [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
          [ into the online RFC archives by Kathy de Graaf 3/98 ]
                                                                [Page 3] 


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