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NYU, ANL, and LBL Joining the Net. Y. Feinroth, R. Fink. August 1973. RFC551. (Format: TXT=3020, PDF=73188 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC551)

 Network Working Group                                        Y. Feinroth
Request for Comments: 551                                            NYU
                                                                 R. Fink
                                                         August 27, 1973
New York University
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
AEC Computing and Applied Mathematics Center
251 Mercer Street
New York, N.Y. 10012
ARPA Network Information Center
Stanford Research Institute
Menlo Park, California
        Several Atomic Energy Commission installations are planning to
   enter the network in the (hopefully) near future.  These sites
   include Argonne National Laboratory (IBM 360/195), Lawrence Berkeley
   Labs, (CDC 7600), and New York University (CDC 6600).  Our
   applications make early implementation of an RJE facility imperative,
   and although we are resigned to the necessity of implementing FTP, we
   would like to avoid RJE protocol at least in the first go-around.  We
   would like to be able to use FTP to transfer a file, have it queued
   for execution, and return output and status information.
        To this end we propose to implement local conventions within the
   site dependent PATHNAME parameter of the FTP.  Specifically, the
   following commands are specified:
STOR           RJE.JOB<rest of pathname>  queue this file for execution
(STOR/RETR)    RJE.PR <    >              transfer remote job print file
(STOR/RETR)    RJE.PU <    >                 "        "    "  punch   "
(STOR/RETR)    RJE.MT <    >                 "        "    "  magtape "
RETR           RJE.STAT  <    >           retrieve  status of remote job
        The job execution parameters are not part of the protocol, but
   must be specified in the standard site dependent control cards which
   are transmitted with the file.  These parameters also determine the
   output disposition, and the output can be retrieved by the user via
   RETR, or (optionally) automatically by server initiation via STOR.*
   The RETR RJE.STAT causes the server to create a file with the status
   information and transfer it to the user.  The FTP user/acct/pass
   logon is used only to validate the data transfer, not the job's right
   to execute, and to identify and distribute the output.
Feinroth & Fink                                                 [Page 1]
RFC 551                                                      August 1973
        We are concerned that we may have overlooked some problems which
   are obvious to more knowledgeable people and invite (and request)
   *  note that in this case the RJE server is an FTP user.
         [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
         [   into the online RFC archives by Tony Hansen 08/08   ]
Feinroth & Fink                                                 [Page 2] 


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