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Statement of upcoming move of NIC/NLS service. B. Ferguson. January 1974. RFC609. (Format: TXT=1260 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC609)

 Upcoming Move of NIC/NLS Services
RFC # 609                                               Bill Ferguson
NIC # 21339                                             SRI-ARC
                                                        Jan. 10, 1974
             Statement of Upcoming Move of NIC/NLS Services
Within the next few weeks we will be transferring computer services for
our ROME, ARPA, and NIC users from the ARC/NIC system to a new system we
are installing at TYMSHARE in Cupertino, Ca.  The name of this system is
OFFICE-1 and is site 53 (oct) when talking to TELNET or site 43 (dec)
when talking to a TIP. Currently we are experiencing hardware
difficulties on this system, but we and the staff at TYMSHARE are
working diligently to solve the problems. Once the hardware is solid and
reliable, the above users will have their directories transferred to the
OFFICE-1 facility, and receive their NLS power from that site. Watch for
upcoming announcements as to the exact date when your directory will be
moved to OFFICE-1.
       [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
       [ into the online RFC archives by Alex McKenzie with    ]
       [ support from GTE, formerly BBN Corp.            10/99 ] 


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