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International meeting on minicomputers and data communication: Call for papers. A. Danthine. April 1974. RFC631. (Format: TXT=2707 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC631)

 Network Working Group                                A. Danthine
RFC # 631                                            Universite de Liege
NIC # 30773                                          April 17, 1974
     International Meeting on Mini-Computers and Data Communication
           To be held in Liege (Palais des Congres), Belgium
                           January 20-22 1975
                            CALL FOR PAPERS
    The "Association des Ingenieurs Electriciens sortis de l'Institut
Electrotechnique Montefiore A.I.M.)" organizes a meeting on "Mini-
Computers and Data Communication" in Liege from January 20 to January-
22, 1975.
    Authors are requested to submit papers on subjects in relation to
the use of mini-computers in data communications, such as:
    -- mini-computers architecture
    -- protocol definition and representation
    -- software organization
    -- fault tolerant computing
    -- system evaluation techniques and simulation
    -- terminals pooling techniques
    -- computers network
    -- packet switching
    The papers will be distributed before the meeting to all the
participants.  The time allocated to each presentation will be limited
to 30 minutes in order to provide ample discussion time.
    Authors wishing to present papers are requested to submit title and
a 500 words summary by June 1st 1974. Authors are requested to indicate
also company affiliation and to give a brief Biographical note Authors
of accepted papers will be notified before July 1st 1974. They will be
requested to sent their full manuscripts before September 1st, 1974.
Danthine                                                        [Page 1]
RFC 631          Mini-Computers and Data Communication        April 1974
    Papers and presentation may be either in English or in French.
Simultaneous translation will he available at the meeting.
    Please forward summaries and biographical note to the Chairman of
the Steering Com-mittee:
                                                  Professor A. DANTHINE
                                                  Universite de Liege
                                                  Avenue des Tilleuls, 49
                                                  B-4000 LIEGE (Belgium).
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