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Network Meeting. S.D. Crocker. October 1970. RFC75. (Format: TXT=1318 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC75)

 Network Working Group                                           S. Crocker
Request for Comments #75                                        UCLA
                                                                14 Oct. 70
                            Network Meeting
Taking advantage of the FJCC in Houston, I have scheduled a meeting of
the Network Working Group in room Astro VII of the Astroworld Hotel at
8:00 p.m.  on Monday, November 16, 1970.
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss several topics related to
the practical use of the network. I have in mind:
      (a) accounting mechanisms
      (b) documentation distribution
      (c) person-to-person message sending and message storing
      (d) access to systems by foreign users
Attendees are invited to raise other topics.
I envision that this meeting will spawn smaller subsidiary meetings
during the FJCC to pursue these or related topics.
Prospective attendees should notify my secretary Benita Kirstel (213)
825-2368 so that we can be sure the room is large enough. Unexpected
attendees are nevertheless invited.
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