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Internet Protocol Handbook: Table of contents. J. Postel. July 1980. RFC766. (Format: TXT=3465 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC774) (Status: UNKNOWN) (DOI: 10.17487 / RFC766)

 Network Working Group                                          J. Postel
Request for Comments: 766                                            ISI
                                                               July 1980
Obsoletes: IENs 94, 118
                       Internet Protocol Handbook
In recent years the ARPA Network Research Program has had as one concern
the interconnection of networks.  In the course of this research a
family of protocols suitable for an internetwork environment has
emerged.  Much of this work is documented in a series of project memos
called Internet Experiment Notes or IENs.  A few of these IENs document
protocols in the internet protocol family.  Most of the major internet
protocol documents have also been issued as RFCs.
The situation has evolved to the point that it is appropriate for the
internet family of protocols to replace the old ARPANET protocols.  To
this end an Internet Protocol Handbook will be prepared by the Network
Information Center.  This Handbook is tentatively planned to be
available at the end of 1980.  This Internet Protocol Handbook will
closely parallel the old ARPANET Protocol Handbook, and will primarily
be a collection of existing RFCs and IENs.
Attached is the current draft table of contents for the Internet
Protocol Handbook.  Any suggestions for additions should be sent to Jon
Postel (Postel@ISIF).
RFCs and IENs are public access document files and may be copied from
the Network Information Center online Library at SRI-KL via FTP using
the FTP user name ANONYMOUS and password GUEST.  The IENs have pathnames
of the form "<NETINFO>IEN-nnn.TXT", and the RFCs have pathnames of the
form "<NETINFO>RFCnnn.TXT", where "nnn" is replaced by the document
number.  [Note the inconsistency: IENs have a hyphen in the pathname,
RFCs don't.]
Postel                                                          [Page 1]
                                                                 RFC 766
Internet Protocol Handbook
                           Table of Contents
Gateway Level
   Internet Datagram Protocol                            RFC-760 IEN-128
   How to Build a Gateway                                        IEN-109
   Gateway Monitoring Protocol                                   IEN-131
Host Level
   User Datagram Protocol                                        IEN-88 
   Transmission Control Protocol                         RFC-761 IEN-129
   Multiplexing Protocol                                         IEN-90 
Application Level
   Time Server Protocol                                          IEN-142
   Name Server Protocol                                          IEN-116
   Trivial File Transfer Protocol                                IEN-133
   Telnet Protocol                                       RFC-764 IEN-148
   File Transfer Protocol                                RFC-765 IEN-149
   Internet Message Protocol                             RFC-753 IEN-85 
   Assigned Numbers                                      RFC-762 IEN-127
   Protocol Options                                              IEN-114
   Address Mappings                                              IEN-115
   Document File Format Standards                                RFC-678
   Mail Header Format Standards                                  RFC-733
Postel                                                          [Page 2] 


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