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Class AccountManagerService

    • Method Detail

      • getSingleton

        public static AccountManagerService getSingleton()
        This should only be called by system code. One should only call this after the service has started.
        a reference to the AccountManagerService instance
      • systemReady

        public void systemReady()
      • validateAccounts

        public void validateAccounts(int userId)
        Validate internal set of accounts against installed authenticators for given user. Clears cached authenticators before validating.
      • getUserAccounts

        protected android.accounts.AccountManagerService.UserAccounts getUserAccounts(int userId)
      • hasFeatures

        public void hasFeatures(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                       Account account,
                       String[] features)
      • removeAccount

        public void removeAccount(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                         Account account)
      • removeAccountInternal

        protected void removeAccountInternal(Account account)
      • invalidateAuthToken

        public void invalidateAuthToken(String accountType,
                               String authToken)
      • setAuthToken

        public void setAuthToken(Account account,
                        String authTokenType,
                        String authToken)
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword(Account account,
                       String password)
      • clearPassword

        public void clearPassword(Account account)
      • getAuthToken

        public void getAuthToken(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                        Account account,
                        String authTokenType,
                        boolean notifyOnAuthFailure,
                        boolean expectActivityLaunch,
                        Bundle loginOptionsIn)
      • addAcount

        public void addAcount(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                     String accountType,
                     String authTokenType,
                     String[] requiredFeatures,
                     boolean expectActivityLaunch,
                     Bundle optionsIn)
      • confirmCredentialsAsUser

        public void confirmCredentialsAsUser(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                                    Account account,
                                    Bundle options,
                                    boolean expectActivityLaunch,
                                    int userId)
      • updateCredentials

        public void updateCredentials(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                             Account account,
                             String authTokenType,
                             boolean expectActivityLaunch,
                             Bundle loginOptions)
      • editProperties

        public void editProperties(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                          String accountType,
                          boolean expectActivityLaunch)
      • getAccounts

        public Account[] getAccounts(int userId)
        Returns the accounts for a specific user
      • getRunningAccounts

        public AccountAndUser[] getRunningAccounts()
        Returns accounts for all running users.
      • getAccountsAsUser

        public Account[] getAccountsAsUser(String type,
                                  int userId)
      • getAccountsByFeatures

        public void getAccountsByFeatures(IAccountManagerResponse response,
                                 String type,
                                 String[] features)
      • cancelNotification

        protected void cancelNotification(int id,
                              UserHandle user)
      • getAccountsFromCacheLocked

        protected Account[] getAccountsFromCacheLocked(android.accounts.AccountManagerService.UserAccounts userAccounts,
                                           String accountType)
      • writeUserDataIntoCacheLocked

        protected void writeUserDataIntoCacheLocked(android.accounts.AccountManagerService.UserAccounts accounts,
                                        SQLiteDatabase db,
                                        Account account,
                                        String key,
                                        String value)
      • writeAuthTokenIntoCacheLocked

        protected void writeAuthTokenIntoCacheLocked(android.accounts.AccountManagerService.UserAccounts accounts,
                                         SQLiteDatabase db,
                                         Account account,
                                         String key,
                                         String value)
      • readAuthTokenInternal

        protected String readAuthTokenInternal(android.accounts.AccountManagerService.UserAccounts accounts,
                                   Account account,
                                   String authTokenType)
      • readUserDataInternal

        protected String readUserDataInternal(android.accounts.AccountManagerService.UserAccounts accounts,
                                  Account account,
                                  String key)


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