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Class ActivityThread

  • public final class ActivityThread
    extends Object
    This manages the execution of the main thread in an application process, scheduling and executing activities, broadcasts, and other operations on it as the activity manager requests.
    • Method Detail

      • currentActivityThread

        public static ActivityThread currentActivityThread()
      • currentPackageName

        public static String currentPackageName()
      • currentApplication

        public static Application currentApplication()
      • getPackageManager

        public static IPackageManager getPackageManager()
      • peekPackageInfo

        public final LoadedApk peekPackageInfo(String packageName,
                                boolean includeCode)
      • getApplicationThread

        public getApplicationThread()
      • isProfiling

        public boolean isProfiling()
      • getProfileFilePath

        public String getProfileFilePath()
      • getLooper

        public Looper getLooper()
      • getProcessName

        public String getProcessName()
      • getSystemContext

        public getSystemContext()
      • installSystemApplicationInfo

        public void installSystemApplicationInfo(ApplicationInfo info)
      • sendActivityResult

        public final void sendActivityResult(IBinder token,
                              String id,
                              int requestCode,
                              int resultCode,
                              Intent data)
      • performNewIntents

        public final void performNewIntents(IBinder token,
                             List<Intent> intents)
      • getIntentBeingBroadcast

        public static Intent getIntentBeingBroadcast()
        Return the Intent that's currently being handled by a BroadcastReceiver on this thread, or null if none.
      • performResumeActivity

        public final performResumeActivity(IBinder token,
                                                                            boolean clearHide)
      • performDestroyActivity

        public final performDestroyActivity(IBinder token,
                                                                             boolean finishing)
      • requestRelaunchActivity

        public final void requestRelaunchActivity(IBinder token,
                                   List<ResultInfo> pendingResults,
                                   List<Intent> pendingNewIntents,
                                   int configChanges,
                                   boolean notResumed,
                                   Configuration config,
                                   boolean fromServer)
      • applyConfigurationToResources

        public final void applyConfigurationToResources(Configuration config)
      • releaseProvider

        public final boolean releaseProvider(IContentProvider provider,
                              boolean stable)
      • installSystemProviders

        public final void installSystemProviders(List<ProviderInfo> providers)
      • getIntCoreSetting

        public int getIntCoreSetting(String key,
                            int defaultValue)
      • main

        public static void main(String[] args)


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