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Class FullBackup

  • public class FullBackup
    extends Object
    Global constant definitions et cetera related to the full-backup-to-fd binary format. Nothing in this namespace is part of any API; it's all hidden details of the current implementation gathered into one location.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FullBackup

        public FullBackup()
    • Method Detail

      • restoreFile

        public static void restoreFile(ParcelFileDescriptor data,
                       long size,
                       int type,
                       long mode,
                       long mtime,
                       File outFile)
                                throws IOException
        Copy data from a socket to the given File location on permanent storage. The modification time and access mode of the resulting file will be set if desired, although group/all rwx modes will be stripped: the restored file will not be accessible from outside the target application even if the original file was. If the type parameter indicates that the result should be a directory, the socket parameter may be null; even if it is valid, no data will be read from it in this case.

        If the mode argument is negative, then the resulting output file will not have its access mode or last modification time reset as part of this operation.

        data - Socket supplying the data to be copied to the output file. If the output is a directory, this may be null.
        size - Number of bytes of data to copy from the socket to the file. At least this much data must be available through the data parameter.
        type - Must be either BackupAgent.TYPE_FILE for ordinary file data or BackupAgent.TYPE_DIRECTORY for a directory.
        mode - Unix-style file mode (as used by the chmod(2) syscall) to be set on the output file or directory. group/all rwx modes are stripped even if set in this parameter. If this parameter is negative then neither the mode nor the mtime values will be applied to the restored file.
        mtime - A timestamp in the standard Unix epoch that will be imposed as the last modification time of the output file. if the mode parameter is negative then this parameter will be ignored.
        outFile - Location within the filesystem to place the data. This must point to a location that is writeable by the caller, prefereably using an absolute path.


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