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Class RestoreObserver

  • public abstract class RestoreObserver
    extends Object
    Callback class for receiving progress reports during a restore operation. These methods will all be called on your application's main thread.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RestoreObserver

        public RestoreObserver()
    • Method Detail

      • restoreSetsAvailable

        public void restoreSetsAvailable(RestoreSet[] result)
        Supply a list of the restore datasets available from the current transport. This method is invoked as a callback following the application's use of the method.
        result - An array of RestoreSet objects describing all of the available datasets that are candidates for restoring to the current device. If no applicable datasets exist, result will be null.
      • restoreStarting

        public void restoreStarting(int numPackages)
        The restore operation has begun.
        numPackages - The total number of packages being processed in this restore operation.
      • onUpdate

        public void onUpdate(int nowBeingRestored,
                    String currentPackage)
        An indication of which package is being restored currently, out of the total number provided in the restoreStarting(int) callback. This method is not guaranteed to be called: if the transport is unable to obtain data for one or more of the requested packages, no onUpdate() call will occur for those packages.
        nowBeingRestored - The index, between 1 and the numPackages parameter to the restoreStarting(int) callback, of the package now being restored. This may be non-monotonic; it is intended purely as a rough indication of the backup manager's progress through the overall restore process.
        currentPackage - The name of the package now being restored.
      • restoreFinished

        public void restoreFinished(int error)
        The restore process has completed. This method will always be called, even if no individual package restore operations were attempted.
        error - Zero on success; a nonzero error code if the restore operation as a whole failed.


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