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Class FragmentBreadCrumbs

    • Constructor Detail

      • FragmentBreadCrumbs

        public FragmentBreadCrumbs(Context context)
      • FragmentBreadCrumbs

        public FragmentBreadCrumbs(Context context,
                           AttributeSet attrs,
                           int defStyle)
    • Method Detail

      • setActivity

        public void setActivity(Activity a)
        Attach the bread crumbs to their activity. This must be called once when creating the bread crumbs.
      • setMaxVisible

        public void setMaxVisible(int visibleCrumbs)
        The maximum number of breadcrumbs to show. Older fragment headers will be hidden from view.
        visibleCrumbs - the number of visible breadcrumbs. This should be greater than zero.
      • setParentTitle

        public void setParentTitle(CharSequence title,
                          CharSequence shortTitle,
                          View.OnClickListener listener)
        Inserts an optional parent entry at the first position in the breadcrumbs. Selecting this entry will result in a call to the specified listener's View.OnClickListener.onClick(View) method.
        title - the title for the parent entry
        shortTitle - the short title for the parent entry
        listener - the View.OnClickListener to be called when clicked. A null will result in no action being taken when the parent entry is clicked.
      • setOnBreadCrumbClickListener

        public void setOnBreadCrumbClickListener(FragmentBreadCrumbs.OnBreadCrumbClickListener listener)
        Sets a listener for clicks on the bread crumbs. This will be called before the default click action is performed.
        listener - The new listener to set. Replaces any existing listener.
      • setTitle

        public void setTitle(CharSequence title,
                    CharSequence shortTitle)
        Set a custom title for the bread crumbs. This will be the first entry shown at the left, representing the root of the bread crumbs. If the title is null, it will not be shown.
      • onLayout

        protected void onLayout(boolean changed,
                    int l,
                    int t,
                    int r,
                    int b)
        Description copied from class: ViewGroup
        Called from layout when this view should assign a size and position to each of its children. Derived classes with children should override this method and call layout on each of their children.
        Specified by:
        onLayout in class ViewGroup
        changed - This is a new size or position for this view
        l - Left position, relative to parent
        t - Top position, relative to parent
        r - Right position, relative to parent
        b - Bottom position, relative to parent


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