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Class SearchDialog

    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchDialog

        public SearchDialog(Context context,
                    SearchManager searchManager)
        Constructor - fires it up and makes it look like the search UI.
        context - Application Context we can use for system acess
    • Method Detail

      • onCreate

        protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
        Create the search dialog and any resources that are used for the entire lifetime of the dialog.
        onCreate in class Dialog
        savedInstanceState - If this dialog is being reinitalized after a the hosting activity was previously shut down, holds the result from the most recent call to Dialog.onSaveInstanceState(), or null if this is the first time.
      • show

        public boolean show(String initialQuery,
                   boolean selectInitialQuery,
                   ComponentName componentName,
                   Bundle appSearchData)
        Set up the search dialog
        true if search dialog launched, false if not
      • onStart

        public void onStart()
        Description copied from class: Dialog
        Called when the dialog is starting.
        onStart in class Dialog
      • onStop

        public void onStop()
        The search dialog is being dismissed, so handle all of the local shutdown operations. This function is designed to be idempotent so that dismiss() can be safely called at any time (even if already closed) and more likely to really dump any memory. No leaks!
        onStop in class Dialog
      • setWorking

        public void setWorking(boolean working)
        Sets the search dialog to the 'working' state, which shows a working spinner in the right hand size of the text field.
        working - true to show spinner, false to hide spinner
      • onSaveInstanceState

        public Bundle onSaveInstanceState()
        Save the minimal set of data necessary to recreate the search
        onSaveInstanceState in class Dialog
        A bundle with the state of the dialog, or null if the search dialog is not showing.
      • onRestoreInstanceState

        public void onRestoreInstanceState(Bundle savedInstanceState)
        Restore the state of the dialog from a previously saved bundle.
        onRestoreInstanceState in class Dialog
        savedInstanceState - The state of the dialog previously saved by onSaveInstanceState().
      • onConfigurationChanged

        public void onConfigurationChanged()
        Called after resources have changed, e.g. after screen rotation or locale change.
      • onTouchEvent

        public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event)
        Dialog.onTouchEvent(MotionEvent) will cancel the dialog only when the touch is outside the window. But the window includes space for the drop-down, so we also cancel on taps outside the search bar when the drop-down is not showing.
        onTouchEvent in class Dialog
        event - The touch screen event being processed.
        Return true if you have consumed the event, false if you haven't. The default implementation will cancel the dialog when a touch happens outside of the window bounds.
      • hide

        public void hide()
        Description copied from class: Dialog
        Hide the dialog, but do not dismiss it.
        hide in class Dialog
      • launchQuerySearch

        public void launchQuerySearch()
        Launch a search for the text in the query text field.
      • launchQuerySearch

        protected void launchQuerySearch(int actionKey,
                             String actionMsg)
        Launch a search for the text in the query text field.
        actionKey - The key code of the action key that was pressed, or KeyEvent.KEYCODE_UNKNOWN if none.
        actionMsg - The message for the action key that was pressed, or null if none.
      • setListSelection

        public void setListSelection(int index)
        Sets the list item selection in the AutoCompleteTextView's ListView.
      • onBackPressed

        public void onBackPressed()
        Description copied from class: Dialog
        Called when the dialog has detected the user's press of the back key. The default implementation simply cancels the dialog (only if it is cancelable), but you can override this to do whatever you want.
        onBackPressed in class Dialog


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