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Class ClipboardManager

  • public class ClipboardManager
    extends ClipboardManager
    Interface to the clipboard service, for placing and retrieving text in the global clipboard.

    You do not instantiate this class directly; instead, retrieve it through Context.getSystemService(java.lang.String).

    The ClipboardManager API itself is very simple: it consists of methods to atomically get and set the current primary clipboard data. That data is expressed as a ClipData object, which defines the protocol for data exchange between applications.

    Developer Guides

    For more information about using the clipboard framework, read the Copy and Paste developer guide.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • ClipboardManager

        public ClipboardManager(Context context,
                        Handler handler)
    • Method Detail

      • setPrimaryClip

        public void setPrimaryClip(ClipData clip)
        Sets the current primary clip on the clipboard. This is the clip that is involved in normal cut and paste operations.
        clip - The clipped data item to set.
      • getPrimaryClip

        public ClipData getPrimaryClip()
        Returns the current primary clip on the clipboard.
      • getPrimaryClipDescription

        public ClipDescription getPrimaryClipDescription()
        Returns a description of the current primary clip on the clipboard but not a copy of its data.
      • hasPrimaryClip

        public boolean hasPrimaryClip()
        Returns true if there is currently a primary clip on the clipboard.
      • getText

        public CharSequence getText()
        Deprecated. Use getPrimaryClip() instead. This retrieves the primary clip and tries to coerce it to a string.
        Description copied from class: ClipboardManager
        Returns the text on the clipboard. It will eventually be possible to store types other than text too, in which case this will return null if the type cannot be coerced to text.
        Specified by:
        getText in class ClipboardManager


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