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Class SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration

  • public final class SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration
    extends Object
    Describes how to configure a database.

    The purpose of this object is to keep track of all of the little configuration settings that are applied to a database after it is opened so that they can be applied to all connections in the connection pool uniformly.

    Each connection maintains its own copy of this object so it can keep track of which settings have already been applied.

    • Field Detail

      • path

        public final String path
        The database path.
      • label

        public final String label
        The label to use to describe the database when it appears in logs. This is derived from the path but is stripped to remove PII.
      • openFlags

        public int openFlags
        The flags used to open the database.
      • maxSqlCacheSize

        public int maxSqlCacheSize
        The maximum size of the prepared statement cache for each database connection. Must be non-negative. Default is 25.
      • foreignKeyConstraintsEnabled

        public boolean foreignKeyConstraintsEnabled
        True if foreign key constraints are enabled. Default is false.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration

        public SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration(String path,
                                   int openFlags)
        Creates a database configuration with the required parameters for opening a database and default values for all other parameters.
        path - The database path.
        openFlags - Open flags for the database, such as SQLiteDatabase.OPEN_READWRITE.
      • SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration

        public SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration(SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration other)
        Creates a database configuration as a copy of another configuration.
        other - The other configuration.
    • Method Detail

      • updateParametersFrom

        public void updateParametersFrom(SQLiteDatabaseConfiguration other)
        Updates the non-immutable parameters of this configuration object from the other configuration object.
        other - The object from which to copy the parameters.
      • isInMemoryDb

        public boolean isInMemoryDb()
        Returns true if the database is in-memory.
        True if the database is in-memory.


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