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Class GestureOverlayView

    • Constructor Detail

      • GestureOverlayView

        public GestureOverlayView(Context context)
      • GestureOverlayView

        public GestureOverlayView(Context context,
                          AttributeSet attrs,
                          int defStyle)
    • Method Detail

      • getOrientation

        public int getOrientation()
      • setOrientation

        public void setOrientation(int orientation)
      • setGestureColor

        public void setGestureColor(int color)
      • setUncertainGestureColor

        public void setUncertainGestureColor(int color)
      • getUncertainGestureColor

        public int getUncertainGestureColor()
      • getGestureColor

        public int getGestureColor()
      • getGestureStrokeWidth

        public float getGestureStrokeWidth()
      • setGestureStrokeWidth

        public void setGestureStrokeWidth(float gestureStrokeWidth)
      • getGestureStrokeType

        public int getGestureStrokeType()
      • setGestureStrokeType

        public void setGestureStrokeType(int gestureStrokeType)
      • getGestureStrokeLengthThreshold

        public float getGestureStrokeLengthThreshold()
      • setGestureStrokeLengthThreshold

        public void setGestureStrokeLengthThreshold(float gestureStrokeLengthThreshold)
      • getGestureStrokeSquarenessTreshold

        public float getGestureStrokeSquarenessTreshold()
      • setGestureStrokeSquarenessTreshold

        public void setGestureStrokeSquarenessTreshold(float gestureStrokeSquarenessTreshold)
      • getGestureStrokeAngleThreshold

        public float getGestureStrokeAngleThreshold()
      • setGestureStrokeAngleThreshold

        public void setGestureStrokeAngleThreshold(float gestureStrokeAngleThreshold)
      • isEventsInterceptionEnabled

        public boolean isEventsInterceptionEnabled()
      • setEventsInterceptionEnabled

        public void setEventsInterceptionEnabled(boolean enabled)
      • isFadeEnabled

        public boolean isFadeEnabled()
      • setFadeEnabled

        public void setFadeEnabled(boolean fadeEnabled)
      • getGesture

        public Gesture getGesture()
      • setGesture

        public void setGesture(Gesture gesture)
      • getGesturePath

        public Path getGesturePath()
      • getGesturePath

        public Path getGesturePath(Path path)
      • isGestureVisible

        public boolean isGestureVisible()
      • setGestureVisible

        public void setGestureVisible(boolean visible)
      • getFadeOffset

        public long getFadeOffset()
      • setFadeOffset

        public void setFadeOffset(long fadeOffset)
      • removeAllOnGestureListeners

        public void removeAllOnGestureListeners()
      • removeAllOnGesturePerformedListeners

        public void removeAllOnGesturePerformedListeners()
      • removeAllOnGesturingListeners

        public void removeAllOnGesturingListeners()
      • isGesturing

        public boolean isGesturing()
      • getGesturePaint

        public Paint getGesturePaint()
      • draw

        public void draw(Canvas canvas)
        Description copied from class: FrameLayout
        Manually render this view (and all of its children) to the given Canvas. The view must have already done a full layout before this function is called. When implementing a view, implement View.onDraw( instead of overriding this method. If you do need to override this method, call the superclass version.
        draw in class FrameLayout
        canvas - The Canvas to which the View is rendered.
      • clear

        public void clear(boolean animated)
      • cancelClearAnimation

        public void cancelClearAnimation()
      • cancelGesture

        public void cancelGesture()
      • onDetachedFromWindow

        protected void onDetachedFromWindow()
        Description copied from class: View
        This is called when the view is detached from a window. At this point it no longer has a surface for drawing.
        onDetachedFromWindow in class View
        See Also:
      • dispatchTouchEvent

        public boolean dispatchTouchEvent(MotionEvent event)
        Description copied from class: ViewGroup
        Pass the touch screen motion event down to the target view, or this view if it is the target.
        dispatchTouchEvent in class ViewGroup
        event - The motion event to be dispatched.
        True if the event was handled by the view, false otherwise.


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