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Class AudioEffect.Descriptor

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class AudioEffect.Descriptor
    extends Object
    The effect descriptor contains information on a particular effect implemented in the audio framework:
    • type: UUID corresponding to the OpenSL ES interface implemented by this effect
    • uuid: UUID for this particular implementation
    • connectMode: AudioEffect.EFFECT_INSERT, AudioEffect.EFFECT_AUXILIARY or {at_link #EFFECT_PRE_PROCESSING}
    • name: human readable effect name
    • implementor: human readable effect implementor name
    The method AudioEffect.queryEffects() returns an array of Descriptors to facilitate effects enumeration.
    • Field Detail

      • type

        public UUID type
        Indicates the generic type of the effect (Equalizer, Bass boost ...). The UUID corresponds to the OpenSL ES Interface ID for this type of effect.
      • uuid

        public UUID uuid
        Indicates the particular implementation of the effect in that type. Several effects can have the same type but this uuid is unique to a given implementation.
      • connectMode

        public String connectMode
        Indicates if the effect is of insert category AudioEffect.EFFECT_INSERT, auxiliary category AudioEffect.EFFECT_AUXILIARY or pre processing category {at_link #EFFECT_PRE_PROCESSING}. Insert effects (Typically an Equalizer) are applied to the entire audio source and usually not shared by several sources. Auxiliary effects (typically a reverberator) are applied to part of the signal (wet) and the effect output is added to the original signal (dry). Audio pre processing are applied to audio captured on a particular AudioRecord.
      • name

        public String name
        Human readable effect name
      • implementor

        public String implementor
        Human readable effect implementor name
    • Constructor Detail

      • AudioEffect.Descriptor

        public AudioEffect.Descriptor()


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