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Class NoiseSuppressor

  • public class NoiseSuppressor
    extends AudioEffect
    Noise Suppressor (NS).

    Noise suppression (NS) is an audio pre-processing which removes background noise from the captured signal. The component of the signal considered as noise can be either stationary (car/airplane engine, AC system) or non-stationary (other peoples conversations, car horn) for more advanced implementations.

    NS is mostly used by voice communication applications (voice chat, video conferencing, SIP calls).

    An application creates a NoiseSuppressor object to instantiate and control an NS engine in the audio framework.

    To attach the NoiseSuppressor to a particular AudioRecord, specify the audio session ID of this AudioRecord when creating the NoiseSuppressor. The audio session is retrieved by calling AudioRecord.getAudioSessionId() on the AudioRecord instance.

    On some devices, NS can be inserted by default in the capture path by the platform according to the MediaRecorder.AudioSource used. The application should call NoiseSuppressor.getEnable() after creating the NS to check the default NS activation state on a particular AudioRecord session.

    See AudioEffect class for more details on controlling audio effects.

    • Method Detail

      • isAvailable

        public static boolean isAvailable()
        Checks if the device implements noise suppression.
        true if the device implements noise suppression, false otherwise.
      • create

        public static NoiseSuppressor create(int audioSession)
        Creates a NoiseSuppressor and attaches it to the AudioRecord on the audio session specified.
        audioSession - system wide unique audio session identifier. The NoiseSuppressor will be applied to the AudioRecord with the same audio session.
        NoiseSuppressor created or null if the device does not implement noise suppression.


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