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Class TransitionAlpha

  • public class TransitionAlpha
    extends Transition
    This class allows to render an "alpha blending" transition according to a bitmap mask. The mask shows the shape of the transition all along the duration of the transition: just before the transition, video 1 is fully displayed. When the transition starts, as the time goes on, pixels of video 2 replace pixels of video 1 according to the gray scale pixel value of the mask.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TransitionAlpha

        public TransitionAlpha(String transitionId,
                       MediaItem afterMediaItem,
                       MediaItem beforeMediaItem,
                       long durationMs,
                       int behavior,
                       String maskFilename,
                       int blendingPercent,
                       boolean invert)
        transitionId - The transition id
        afterMediaItem - The transition is applied to the end of this media item
        beforeMediaItem - The transition is applied to the beginning of this media item
        durationMs - duration of the transition in milliseconds
        behavior - behavior is one of the behavior defined in Transition class
        maskFilename - JPEG file name. The dimension of the image corresponds to 720p (16:9 aspect ratio). Mask files are shared between video editors and can be created in the projects folder (the parent folder for all projects).
        blendingPercent - The blending percent applied
        invert - true to invert the direction of the alpha blending
        IllegalArgumentException - if behavior is not supported, or if direction are not supported.
    • Method Detail

      • getRGBFileWidth

        public int getRGBFileWidth()
      • getRGBFileHeight

        public int getRGBFileHeight()
      • getPNGMaskFilename

        public String getPNGMaskFilename()
      • getBlendingPercent

        public int getBlendingPercent()
        Get the blending percentage
        The blending percentage
      • getMaskFilename

        public String getMaskFilename()
        Get the filename of the mask.
        The mask filename
      • isInvert

        public boolean isInvert()
        Check if the alpha blending direction is inverted.
        true if the direction of the alpha blending is inverted
      • generate

        public void generate()
        Description copied from class: Transition
        Generate the video clip for the specified transition. This method may block for a significant amount of time. Before the method completes execution it sets the mFilename to the name of the newly generated transition video clip file.


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