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Interface NetworkStateTracker

    • Field Detail


        static final int EVENT_STATE_CHANGED
        The network state has changed and the NetworkInfo object contains the new state. msg.what = EVENT_STATE_CHANGED msg.obj = NetworkInfo object
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        Constant Field Values

        static final int EVENT_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED
        msg.what = EVENT_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED msg.obj = NetworkInfo object
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        Constant Field Values

        static final int EVENT_RESTORE_DEFAULT_NETWORK
        msg.what = EVENT_RESTORE_DEFAULT_NETWORK msg.obj = FeatureUser object
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        Constant Field Values

        static final int EVENT_NETWORK_SUBTYPE_CHANGED
        msg.what = EVENT_NETWORK_SUBTYPE_CHANGED msg.obj = NetworkInfo object
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • startMonitoring

        void startMonitoring(Context context,
                           Handler target)
        Begin monitoring data connectivity. This is the first method called when this interface is used.
        context - is the current Android context
        target - is the Hander to which to return the events.
      • getNetworkInfo

        NetworkInfo getNetworkInfo()
        Fetch NetworkInfo for the network
      • getLinkProperties

        LinkProperties getLinkProperties()
        Return the LinkProperties for the connection.
        a copy of the LinkProperties, is never null.
      • getLinkCapabilities

        LinkCapabilities getLinkCapabilities()
        A capability is an Integer/String pair, the capabilities are defined in the class LinkSocket#Key.
        a copy of this connections capabilities, may be empty but never null.
      • getTcpBufferSizesPropName

        String getTcpBufferSizesPropName()
        Return the system properties name associated with the tcp buffer sizes for this network.
      • teardown

        boolean teardown()
        Disable connectivity to a network
        true if a teardown occurred, false if the teardown did not occur.
      • reconnect

        boolean reconnect()
        Reenable connectivity to a network after a teardown().
        true if we're connected or expect to be connected
      • captivePortalCheckComplete

        void captivePortalCheckComplete()
        Ready to switch on to the network after captive portal check
      • setRadio

        boolean setRadio(boolean turnOn)
        Turn the wireless radio off for a network.
        turnOn - true to turn the radio on, false
      • isAvailable

        boolean isAvailable()
        Returns an indication of whether this network is available for connections. A value of false means that some quasi-permanent condition prevents connectivity to this network. NOTE that this is broken on multi-connection devices. Should be fixed in J release TODO - fix on multi-pdp devices
      • setUserDataEnable

        void setUserDataEnable(boolean enabled)
        User control of data connection through this network, typically persisted internally.
      • setPolicyDataEnable

        void setPolicyDataEnable(boolean enabled)
        Policy control of data connection through this network, typically not persisted internally. Usually used when NetworkPolicy.limitBytes is passed.
      • isPrivateDnsRouteSet

        boolean isPrivateDnsRouteSet()
        Check if private DNS route is set for the network
      • privateDnsRouteSet

        void privateDnsRouteSet(boolean enabled)
        Set a flag indicating private DNS route is set
      • isDefaultRouteSet

        boolean isDefaultRouteSet()
        Check if default route is set
      • defaultRouteSet

        void defaultRouteSet(boolean enabled)
        Set a flag indicating default route is set for the network
      • isTeardownRequested

        boolean isTeardownRequested()
        Check if tear down was requested
      • setTeardownRequested

        void setTeardownRequested(boolean isRequested)
        Indicate tear down requested from connectivity
      • setDependencyMet

        void setDependencyMet(boolean met)
        An external dependency has been met/unmet


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