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Class WifiNative

  • public class WifiNative
    extends Object
    Native calls for bring up/shut down of the supplicant daemon and for sending requests to the supplicant daemon waitForEvent() is called on the monitor thread for events. All other methods must be serialized from the framework.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WifiNative

        public WifiNative(String iface)
    • Method Detail

      • loadDriver

        public static boolean loadDriver()
      • isDriverLoaded

        public static boolean isDriverLoaded()
      • unloadDriver

        public static boolean unloadDriver()
      • startSupplicant

        public static boolean startSupplicant(boolean p2pSupported)
      • killSupplicant

        public static boolean killSupplicant()
      • connectToSupplicant

        public boolean connectToSupplicant()
      • closeSupplicantConnection

        public void closeSupplicantConnection()
      • waitForEvent

        public String waitForEvent()
      • ping

        public boolean ping()
      • scan

        public boolean scan()
      • setScanMode

        public boolean setScanMode(boolean setActive)
      • stopSupplicant

        public boolean stopSupplicant()
      • listNetworks

        public String listNetworks()
      • addNetwork

        public int addNetwork()
      • setNetworkVariable

        public boolean setNetworkVariable(int netId,
                                 String name,
                                 String value)
      • getNetworkVariable

        public String getNetworkVariable(int netId,
                                String name)
      • removeNetwork

        public boolean removeNetwork(int netId)
      • enableNetwork

        public boolean enableNetwork(int netId,
                            boolean disableOthers)
      • disableNetwork

        public boolean disableNetwork(int netId)
      • reconnect

        public boolean reconnect()
      • reassociate

        public boolean reassociate()
      • disconnect

        public boolean disconnect()
      • status

        public String status()
      • getMacAddress

        public String getMacAddress()
      • scanResults

        public String scanResults()
        Format of results: ================= bssid=68:7f:74:d7:1b:6e freq=2412 level=-43 tsf=1344621975160944 age=2623 flags=[WPA2-PSK-CCMP][WPS][ESS] ssid=zubyb RANGE=ALL gets all scan results MASK= see wpa_supplicant/src/common/wpa_ctrl.h for details
      • startDriver

        public boolean startDriver()
      • stopDriver

        public boolean stopDriver()
      • startFilteringMulticastV4Packets

        public boolean startFilteringMulticastV4Packets()
        Start filtering out Multicast V4 packets
        true if the operation succeeded, false otherwise Multicast filtering rules work as follows: The driver can filter multicast (v4 and/or v6) and broadcast packets when in a power optimized mode (typically when screen goes off). In order to prevent the driver from filtering the multicast/broadcast packets, we have to add a DRIVER RXFILTER-ADD rule followed by DRIVER RXFILTER-START to make the rule effective DRIVER RXFILTER-ADD Num where Num = 0 - Unicast, 1 - Broadcast, 2 - Mutil4 or 3 - Multi6 and DRIVER RXFILTER-START In order to stop the usage of these rules, we do DRIVER RXFILTER-STOP DRIVER RXFILTER-REMOVE Num where Num is as described for RXFILTER-ADD The SETSUSPENDOPT driver command overrides the filtering rules
      • stopFilteringMulticastV4Packets

        public boolean stopFilteringMulticastV4Packets()
        Stop filtering out Multicast V4 packets.
        true if the operation succeeded, false otherwise
      • startFilteringMulticastV6Packets

        public boolean startFilteringMulticastV6Packets()
        Start filtering out Multicast V6 packets
        true if the operation succeeded, false otherwise
      • stopFilteringMulticastV6Packets

        public boolean stopFilteringMulticastV6Packets()
        Stop filtering out Multicast V6 packets.
        true if the operation succeeded, false otherwise
      • getBand

        public int getBand()
      • setBand

        public boolean setBand(int band)
      • setBluetoothCoexistenceScanMode

        public boolean setBluetoothCoexistenceScanMode(boolean setCoexScanMode)
        Enable or disable Bluetooth coexistence scan mode. When this mode is on, some of the low-level scan parameters used by the driver are changed to reduce interference with A2DP streaming.
        isSet - whether to enable or disable this mode
        true if the command succeeded, false otherwise.
      • saveConfig

        public boolean saveConfig()
      • setScanResultHandling

        public boolean setScanResultHandling(int mode)
      • addToBlacklist

        public boolean addToBlacklist(String bssid)
      • clearBlacklist

        public boolean clearBlacklist()
      • setSuspendOptimizations

        public boolean setSuspendOptimizations(boolean enabled)
      • setCountryCode

        public boolean setCountryCode(String countryCode)
      • enableBackgroundScan

        public void enableBackgroundScan(boolean enable)
      • setScanInterval

        public void setScanInterval(int scanInterval)
      • signalPoll

        public String signalPoll()
        Example output: RSSI=-65 LINKSPEED=48 NOISE=9999 FREQUENCY=0
      • pktcntPoll

        public String pktcntPoll()
        Example outout: TXGOOD=396 TXBAD=1
      • startWpsPbc

        public boolean startWpsPbc(String bssid)
      • startWpsPbc

        public boolean startWpsPbc(String iface,
                          String bssid)
      • startWpsPinKeypad

        public boolean startWpsPinKeypad(String pin)
      • startWpsPinKeypad

        public boolean startWpsPinKeypad(String iface,
                                String pin)
      • startWpsPinDisplay

        public String startWpsPinDisplay(String bssid)
      • startWpsRegistrar

        public boolean startWpsRegistrar(String bssid,
                                String pin)
      • cancelWps

        public boolean cancelWps()
      • setPersistentReconnect

        public boolean setPersistentReconnect(boolean enabled)
      • setDeviceName

        public boolean setDeviceName(String name)
      • setDeviceType

        public boolean setDeviceType(String type)
      • setConfigMethods

        public boolean setConfigMethods(String cfg)
      • setManufacturer

        public boolean setManufacturer(String value)
      • setModelName

        public boolean setModelName(String value)
      • setModelNumber

        public boolean setModelNumber(String value)
      • setSerialNumber

        public boolean setSerialNumber(String value)
      • setP2pSsidPostfix

        public boolean setP2pSsidPostfix(String postfix)
      • setP2pGroupIdle

        public boolean setP2pGroupIdle(String iface,
                              int time)
      • setPowerSave

        public void setPowerSave(boolean enabled)
      • setP2pPowerSave

        public boolean setP2pPowerSave(String iface,
                              boolean enabled)
      • setWfdEnable

        public boolean setWfdEnable(boolean enable)
      • setWfdDeviceInfo

        public boolean setWfdDeviceInfo(String hex)
      • setConcurrencyPriority

        public boolean setConcurrencyPriority(String s)
        "sta" prioritizes STA connection over P2P and "p2p" prioritizes P2P connection over STA
      • p2pFind

        public boolean p2pFind()
      • p2pFind

        public boolean p2pFind(int timeout)
      • p2pStopFind

        public boolean p2pStopFind()
      • p2pListen

        public boolean p2pListen()
      • p2pListen

        public boolean p2pListen(int timeout)
      • p2pFlush

        public boolean p2pFlush()
      • p2pCancelConnect

        public boolean p2pCancelConnect()
      • p2pProvisionDiscovery

        public boolean p2pProvisionDiscovery(WifiP2pConfig config)
      • p2pGroupAdd

        public boolean p2pGroupAdd(boolean persistent)
      • p2pGroupAdd

        public boolean p2pGroupAdd(int netId)
      • p2pGroupRemove

        public boolean p2pGroupRemove(String iface)
      • p2pReject

        public boolean p2pReject(String deviceAddress)
      • p2pReinvoke

        public boolean p2pReinvoke(int netId,
                          String deviceAddress)
      • p2pGetDeviceAddress

        public String p2pGetDeviceAddress()
      • getGroupCapability

        public int getGroupCapability(String deviceAddress)
      • p2pServiceFlush

        public boolean p2pServiceFlush()
      • p2pServDiscCancelReq

        public boolean p2pServDiscCancelReq(String id)


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