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Class WifiStateMachine

  • java.lang.Object

  • public class WifiStateMachine
    Track the state of Wifi connectivity. All event handling is done here, and all changes in connectivity state are initiated here. Wi-Fi now supports three modes of operation: Client, SoftAp and p2p In the current implementation, we support concurrent wifi p2p and wifi operation. The WifiStateMachine handles SoftAp and Client operations while WifiP2pService handles p2p operation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WifiStateMachine

        public WifiStateMachine(Context context,
                        String wlanInterface)
    • Method Detail

      • getMessenger

        public Messenger getMessenger()
        Methods exposed for public use
      • syncPingSupplicant

        public boolean syncPingSupplicant( channel)
        TODO: doc
      • startScan

        public void startScan(boolean forceActive)
        TODO: doc
      • setWifiEnabled

        public void setWifiEnabled(boolean enable)
        TODO: doc
      • setWifiApEnabled

        public void setWifiApEnabled(WifiConfiguration wifiConfig,
                            boolean enable)
        TODO: doc
      • setWifiApConfiguration

        public void setWifiApConfiguration(WifiConfiguration config)
      • syncGetWifiState

        public int syncGetWifiState()
        TODO: doc
      • syncGetWifiStateByName

        public String syncGetWifiStateByName()
        TODO: doc
      • syncGetWifiApState

        public int syncGetWifiApState()
        TODO: doc
      • syncGetWifiApStateByName

        public String syncGetWifiApStateByName()
        TODO: doc
      • syncRequestConnectionInfo

        public WifiInfo syncRequestConnectionInfo()
        Get status information for the current connection, if any.
        a WifiInfo object containing information about the current connection
      • syncGetDhcpInfo

        public DhcpInfo syncGetDhcpInfo()
      • setDriverStart

        public void setDriverStart(boolean enable,
                          boolean ecm)
        TODO: doc
      • captivePortalCheckComplete

        public void captivePortalCheckComplete()
      • setScanOnlyMode

        public void setScanOnlyMode(boolean enable)
        TODO: doc
      • setScanType

        public void setScanType(boolean active)
        TODO: doc
      • syncGetScanResultsList

        public List<ScanResult> syncGetScanResultsList()
        TODO: doc
      • disconnectCommand

        public void disconnectCommand()
        Disconnect from Access Point
      • reconnectCommand

        public void reconnectCommand()
        Initiate a reconnection to AP
      • reassociateCommand

        public void reassociateCommand()
        Initiate a re-association to AP
      • syncAddOrUpdateNetwork

        public int syncAddOrUpdateNetwork( channel,
                                 WifiConfiguration config)
        Add a network synchronously
        network id of the new network
      • syncGetConfiguredNetworks

        public List<WifiConfiguration> syncGetConfiguredNetworks( channel)
      • syncRemoveNetwork

        public boolean syncRemoveNetwork( channel,
                                int networkId)
        Delete a network
        networkId - id of the network to be removed
      • syncEnableNetwork

        public boolean syncEnableNetwork( channel,
                                int netId,
                                boolean disableOthers)
        Enable a network
        netId - network id of the network
        disableOthers - true, if all other networks have to be disabled
        true if the operation succeeds, false otherwise
      • syncDisableNetwork

        public boolean syncDisableNetwork( channel,
                                 int netId)
        Disable a network
        netId - network id of the network
        true if the operation succeeds, false otherwise
      • addToBlacklist

        public void addToBlacklist(String bssid)
        Blacklist a BSSID. This will avoid the AP if there are alternate APs to connect
        bssid - BSSID of the network
      • clearBlacklist

        public void clearBlacklist()
        Clear the blacklist list
      • enableRssiPolling

        public void enableRssiPolling(boolean enabled)
      • enableBackgroundScanCommand

        public void enableBackgroundScanCommand(boolean enabled)
      • enableAllNetworks

        public void enableAllNetworks()
      • startFilteringMulticastV4Packets

        public void startFilteringMulticastV4Packets()
        Start filtering Multicast v4 packets
      • stopFilteringMulticastV4Packets

        public void stopFilteringMulticastV4Packets()
        Stop filtering Multicast v4 packets
      • startFilteringMulticastV6Packets

        public void startFilteringMulticastV6Packets()
        Start filtering Multicast v4 packets
      • stopFilteringMulticastV6Packets

        public void stopFilteringMulticastV6Packets()
        Stop filtering Multicast v4 packets
      • setHighPerfModeEnabled

        public void setHighPerfModeEnabled(boolean enable)
        Set high performance mode of operation. Enabling would set active power mode and disable suspend optimizations; disabling would set auto power mode and enable suspend optimizations
        enable - true if enable, false otherwise
      • setCountryCode

        public void setCountryCode(String countryCode,
                          boolean persist)
        Set the country code
        countryCode - following ISO 3166 format
        persist - true if the setting should be remembered.
      • setFrequencyBand

        public void setFrequencyBand(int band,
                            boolean persist)
        Set the operational frequency band
        band -
        persist - true if the setting should be remembered.
      • getFrequencyBand

        public int getFrequencyBand()
        Returns the operational frequency band
      • getConfigFile

        public String getConfigFile()
        Returns the wifi configuration file
      • sendBluetoothAdapterStateChange

        public void sendBluetoothAdapterStateChange(int state)
        Send a message indicating bluetooth adapter connection state changed
      • syncSaveConfig

        public boolean syncSaveConfig( channel)
        Save configuration on supplicant
        true if the operation succeeds, false otherwise TODO: deprecate this
      • updateBatteryWorkSource

        public void updateBatteryWorkSource(WorkSource newSource)
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: Object
        Returns a string containing a concise, human-readable description of this object. Subclasses are encouraged to override this method and provide an implementation that takes into account the object's type and data. The default implementation is equivalent to the following expression:
           getClass().getName() + '@' + Integer.toHexString(hashCode())

        See Writing a useful toString method if you intend implementing your own toString method.

        toString in class Object
        a printable representation of this object.
      • recordLogRec

        protected boolean recordLogRec(Message msg)
        recordLogRec in class
        true if msg should be saved in the log, default is true.


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