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Class DropBoxManager

  • public class DropBoxManager
    extends Object
    Enqueues chunks of data (from various sources -- application crashes, kernel log records, etc.). The queue is size bounded and will drop old data if the enqueued data exceeds the maximum size. You can think of this as a persistent, system-wide, blob-oriented "logcat".

    You can obtain an instance of this class by calling Context.getSystemService(java.lang.String) with Context.DROPBOX_SERVICE.

    DropBoxManager entries are not sent anywhere directly, but other system services and debugging tools may scan and upload entries for processing.

    • Field Detail

      • IS_EMPTY

        public static final int IS_EMPTY
        Flag value: Entry's content was deleted to save space.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • IS_TEXT

        public static final int IS_TEXT
        Flag value: Content is human-readable UTF-8 text (can be combined with IS_GZIPPED).
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values

        public static final String ACTION_DROPBOX_ENTRY_ADDED
        Broadcast Action: This is broadcast when a new entry is added in the dropbox. You must hold the android.Manifest.permission#READ_LOGS permission in order to receive this broadcast.

        This is a protected intent that can only be sent by the system.

        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • DropBoxManager

        public DropBoxManager(IDropBoxManagerService service)
      • DropBoxManager

        protected DropBoxManager()
        Create a dummy instance for testing. All methods will fail unless overridden with an appropriate mock implementation. To obtain a functional instance, use Context.getSystemService(java.lang.String).
    • Method Detail

      • addText

        public void addText(String tag,
                   String data)
        Stores human-readable text. The data may be discarded eventually (or even immediately) if space is limited, or ignored entirely if the tag has been blocked (see isTagEnabled(java.lang.String)).
        tag - describing the type of entry being stored
        data - value to store
      • addData

        public void addData(String tag,
                   byte[] data,
                   int flags)
        Stores binary data, which may be ignored or discarded as with addText(java.lang.String, java.lang.String).
        tag - describing the type of entry being stored
        data - value to store
        flags - describing the data
      • getNextEntry

        public DropBoxManager.Entry getNextEntry(String tag,
                                        long msec)
        Gets the next entry from the drop box after the specified time. Requires android.permission.READ_LOGS. You must always call Entry#close() on the return value!
        tag - of entry to look for, null for all tags
        msec - time of the last entry seen
        the next entry, or null if there are no more entries


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