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Class CalendarContract.CalendarAlerts

    • Field Detail


        public static final Uri CONTENT_URI
        The Uri for querying calendar alert information

        public static final Uri CONTENT_URI_BY_INSTANCE
        This URI is for grouping the query results by event_id and begin time. This will return one result per instance of an event. So events with multiple alarms will appear just once, but multiple instances of a repeating event will show up multiple times.
    • Method Detail

      • insert

        public static final Uri insert(ContentResolver cr,
                 long eventId,
                 long begin,
                 long end,
                 long alarmTime,
                 int minutes)
        Helper for inserting an alarm time associated with an event TODO move to Provider
      • findNextAlarmTime

        public static final long findNextAlarmTime(ContentResolver cr,
                             long millis)
        Finds the next alarm after (or equal to) the given time and returns the time of that alarm or -1 if no such alarm exists. This is a blocking call and should not be done on the UI thread. TODO move to provider
        cr - the ContentResolver
        millis - the time in UTC milliseconds
        the next alarm time greater than or equal to "millis", or -1 if no such alarm exists.
      • rescheduleMissedAlarms

        public static final void rescheduleMissedAlarms(ContentResolver cr,
                                  Context context,
                                  AlarmManager manager)
        Searches the CalendarAlerts table for alarms that should have fired but have not and then reschedules them. This method can be called at boot time to restore alarms that may have been lost due to a phone reboot. TODO move to provider
        cr - the ContentResolver
        context - the Context
        manager - the AlarmManager
      • scheduleAlarm

        public static void scheduleAlarm(Context context,
                         AlarmManager manager,
                         long alarmTime)
        Schedules an alarm intent with the system AlarmManager that will notify listeners when a reminder should be fired. The provider will keep scheduled reminders up to date but apps may use this to implement snooze functionality without modifying the reminders table. Scheduled alarms will generate an intent using CalendarContract.ACTION_EVENT_REMINDER. TODO Move to provider
        context - A context for referencing system resources
        manager - The AlarmManager to use or null
        alarmTime - The time to fire the intent in UTC millis since epoch
      • alarmExists

        public static final boolean alarmExists(ContentResolver cr,
                          long eventId,
                          long begin,
                          long alarmTime)
        Searches for an entry in the CalendarAlerts table that matches the given event id, begin time and alarm time. If one is found then this alarm already exists and this method returns true. TODO Move to provider
        cr - the ContentResolver
        eventId - the event id to match
        begin - the start time of the event in UTC millis
        alarmTime - the alarm time of the event in UTC millis
        true if there is already an alarm for the given event with the same start time and alarm time.


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