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Class TextToSpeechService

    • Constructor Detail

      • TextToSpeechService

        public TextToSpeechService()
    • Method Detail

      • onCreate

        public void onCreate()
        Description copied from class: Service
        Called by the system when the service is first created. Do not call this method directly.
        onCreate in class Service
      • onDestroy

        public void onDestroy()
        Description copied from class: Service
        Called by the system to notify a Service that it is no longer used and is being removed. The service should clean up any resources it holds (threads, registered receivers, etc) at this point. Upon return, there will be no more calls in to this Service object and it is effectively dead. Do not call this method directly.
        onDestroy in class Service
      • onGetLanguage

        protected abstract String[] onGetLanguage()
        Returns the language, country and variant currently being used by the TTS engine. Can be called on multiple threads.
        A 3-element array, containing language (ISO 3-letter code), country (ISO 3-letter code) and variant used by the engine. The country and variant may be "". If country is empty, then variant must be empty too.
        See Also:
        Locale.getISO3Language(), Locale.getISO3Country(), Locale.getVariant()
      • onStop

        protected abstract void onStop()
        Notifies the service that it should stop any in-progress speech synthesis. This method can be called even if no speech synthesis is currently in progress. Can be called on multiple threads, but not on the synthesis thread.
      • onSynthesizeText

        protected abstract void onSynthesizeText(SynthesisRequest request,
                            SynthesisCallback callback)
        Tells the service to synthesize speech from the given text. This method should block until the synthesis is finished. Called on the synthesis thread.
        request - The synthesis request.
        callback - The callback the the engine must use to make data available for playback or for writing to a file.
      • onGetFeaturesForLanguage

        protected Set<String> onGetFeaturesForLanguage(String lang,
                                           String country,
                                           String variant)
        Queries the service for a set of features supported for a given language.
        lang - ISO-3 language code.
        country - ISO-3 country code. May be empty or null.
        variant - Language variant. May be empty or null.
        A list of features supported for the given language.
      • onBind

        public IBinder onBind(Intent intent)
        Description copied from class: Service
        Return the communication channel to the service. May return null if clients can not bind to the service. The returned IBinder is usually for a complex interface that has been described using aidl.

        Note that unlike other application components, calls on to the IBinder interface returned here may not happen on the main thread of the process. More information about the main thread can be found in Processes and Threads.

        Specified by:
        onBind in class Service
        intent - The Intent that was used to bind to this service, as given to Context.bindService. Note that any extras that were included with the Intent at that point will not be seen here.
        Return an IBinder through which clients can call on to the service.


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