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Class ProviderTestCase2<T extends ContentProvider>

  • Direct Known Subclasses:

    public abstract class ProviderTestCase2<T extends ContentProvider>
    extends AndroidTestCase
    This test case class provides a framework for testing a single ContentProvider and for testing your app code with an isolated content provider. Instead of using the system map of providers that is based on the manifests of other applications, the test case creates its own internal map. It then uses this map to resolve providers given an authority. This allows you to inject test providers and to null out providers that you do not want to use.

    This test case also sets up the following mock objects:

    This framework is set up automatically by the base class' setUp() method. If you override this method, you must call the super method as the first statement in your override.

    In order for their tests to be run, concrete subclasses must provide their own constructor with no arguments. This constructor must call ProviderTestCase2(Class, String) as its first operation.

    For more information on content provider testing, please see Content Provider Testing.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProviderTestCase2

        public ProviderTestCase2(Class<T> providerClass,
                         String providerAuthority)
        providerClass - The class name of the provider under test
        providerAuthority - The provider's authority string
    • Method Detail

      • getProvider

        public T getProvider()
        Returns the content provider created by this class in the setUp() method.
        T An instance of the provider class given as a parameter to the test case class.
      • setUp

        protected void setUp()
                      throws Exception
        Sets up the environment for the test fixture.

        Creates a new MockContentResolver, a new IsolatedContext that isolates the provider's file operations, and a new instance of the provider under test within the isolated environment.

        setUp in class AndroidTestCase
      • newResolverWithContentProviderFromSql

        public static <T extends ContentProvider> ContentResolver newResolverWithContentProviderFromSql(Context targetContext,
                                                                                        String filenamePrefix,
                                                                                        Class<T> providerClass,
                                                                                        String authority,
                                                                                        String databaseName,
                                                                                        int databaseVersion,
                                                                                        String sql)
                                                                     throws IllegalAccessException,

        Creates a new content provider of the same type as that passed to the test case class, with an authority name set to the authority parameter, and using an SQLite database as the underlying data source. The SQL statement parameter is used to create the database. This method also creates a new MockContentResolver and adds the provider to it.

        Both the new provider and the new resolver are put into an IsolatedContext that uses the targetContext parameter for file operations and a MockContext for everything else. The IsolatedContext prepends the filenamePrefix parameter to file, database, and directory names.

        This is a convenience method for creating a "mock" provider that can contain test data.

        targetContext - The context to use as the basis of the IsolatedContext
        filenamePrefix - A string that is prepended to file, database, and directory names
        providerClass - The type of the provider being tested
        authority - The authority string to associated with the test provider
        databaseName - The name assigned to the database
        databaseVersion - The version assigned to the database
        sql - A string containing the SQL statements that are needed to create the desired database and its tables. The format is the same as that generated by the sqlite3 tool's .dump command.
        ContentResolver A new MockContentResolver linked to the provider


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