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Class InternalSelectionView

    • Constructor Detail

      • InternalSelectionView

        public InternalSelectionView(Context context,
                             int numRows,
                             String label)
    • Method Detail

      • getNumRows

        public int getNumRows()
      • getSelectedRow

        public int getSelectedRow()
      • setDesiredHeight

        public void setDesiredHeight(int desiredHeight)
      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()
      • onDraw

        protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas)
        Description copied from class: View
        Implement this to do your drawing.
        onDraw in class View
        canvas - the canvas on which the background will be drawn
      • getRectForRow

        public void getRectForRow(Rect rect,
                         int row)
      • onKeyDown

        public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode,
                        KeyEvent event)
        Description copied from class: View
        Default implementation of KeyEvent.Callback.onKeyDown(): perform press of the view when KeyEvent.KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER or KeyEvent.KEYCODE_ENTER is released, if the view is enabled and clickable.

        Key presses in software keyboards will generally NOT trigger this listener, although some may elect to do so in some situations. Do not rely on this to catch software key presses.

        Specified by:
        onKeyDown in interface KeyEvent.Callback
        onKeyDown in class View
        keyCode - A key code that represents the button pressed, from KeyEvent.
        event - The KeyEvent object that defines the button action.
        If you handled the event, return true. If you want to allow the event to be handled by the next receiver, return false.
      • getFocusedRect

        public void getFocusedRect(Rect r)
        Description copied from class: View
        When a view has focus and the user navigates away from it, the next view is searched for starting from the rectangle filled in by this method. By default, the rectangle is the View.getDrawingRect( of the view. However, if your view maintains some idea of internal selection, such as a cursor, or a selected row or column, you should override this method and fill in a more specific rectangle.
        getFocusedRect in class View
        r - The rectangle to fill in, in this view's coordinates.
      • onFocusChanged

        protected void onFocusChanged(boolean focused,
                          int direction,
                          Rect previouslyFocusedRect)
        Description copied from class: View
        Called by the view system when the focus state of this view changes. When the focus change event is caused by directional navigation, direction and previouslyFocusedRect provide insight into where the focus is coming from. When overriding, be sure to call up through to the super class so that the standard focus handling will occur.
        onFocusChanged in class View
        focused - True if the View has focus; false otherwise.
        direction - The direction focus has moved when requestFocus() is called to give this view focus. Values are View.FOCUS_UP, View.FOCUS_DOWN, View.FOCUS_LEFT, View.FOCUS_RIGHT, View.FOCUS_FORWARD, or View.FOCUS_BACKWARD. It may not always apply, in which case use the default.
        previouslyFocusedRect - The rectangle, in this view's coordinate system, of the previously focused view. If applicable, this will be passed in as finer grained information about where the focus is coming from (in addition to direction). Will be null otherwise.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: Object
        Returns a string containing a concise, human-readable description of this object. Subclasses are encouraged to override this method and provide an implementation that takes into account the object's type and data. The default implementation is equivalent to the following expression:
           getClass().getName() + '@' + Integer.toHexString(hashCode())

        See Writing a useful toString method if you intend implementing your own toString method.

        toString in class View
        a printable representation of this object.


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