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Interface InputMethod

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractInputMethodService.AbstractInputMethodImpl, InputMethodService.InputMethodImpl

    public interface InputMethod
    The InputMethod interface represents an input method which can generate key events and text, such as digital, email addresses, CJK characters, other language characters, and etc., while handling various input events, and send the text back to the application that requests text input. See InputMethodManager for more general information about the architecture.

    Applications will not normally use this interface themselves, instead relying on the standard interaction provided by TextView and EditText.

    Those implementing input methods should normally do so by deriving from InputMethodService or one of its subclasses. When implementing an input method, the service component containing it must also supply a SERVICE_META_DATA meta-data field, referencing an XML resource providing details about the input method. All input methods also must require that clients hold the android.Manifest.permission#BIND_INPUT_METHOD in order to interact with the service; if this is not required, the system will not use that input method, because it can not trust that it is not compromised.

    The InputMethod interface is actually split into two parts: the interface here is the top-level interface to the input method, providing all access to it, which only the system can access (due to the BIND_INPUT_METHOD permission requirement). In addition its method createSession(android.view.inputmethod.InputMethod.SessionCallback) can be called to instantate a secondary InputMethodSession interface which is what clients use to communicate with the input method.

    • Field Detail


        static final String SERVICE_INTERFACE
        This is the interface name that a service implementing an input method should say that it supports -- that is, this is the action it uses for its intent filter. To be supported, the service must also require the android.Manifest.permission#BIND_INPUT_METHOD permission so that other applications can not abuse it.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values

        static final String SERVICE_META_DATA
        Name under which an InputMethod service component publishes information about itself. This meta-data must reference an XML resource containing an <input-method> tag.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • attachToken

        void attachToken(IBinder token)
        Called first thing after an input method is created, this supplies a unique token for the session it has with the system service. It is needed to identify itself with the service to validate its operations. This token must not be passed to applications, since it grants special priviledges that should not be given to applications.

        Note: to protect yourself from malicious clients, you should only accept the first token given to you. Any after that may come from the client.

      • bindInput

        void bindInput(InputBinding binding)
        Bind a new application environment in to the input method, so that it can later start and stop input processing. Typically this method is called when this input method is enabled in an application for the first time.
        binding - Information about the application window that is binding to the input method.
        See Also:
        InputBinding, unbindInput()
      • unbindInput

        void unbindInput()
        Unbind an application environment, called when the information previously set by bindInput(android.view.inputmethod.InputBinding) is no longer valid for this input method.

        Typically this method is called when the application changes to be non-foreground.

      • startInput

        void startInput(InputConnection inputConnection,
                      EditorInfo info)
        This method is called when the application starts to receive text and it is ready for this input method to process received events and send result text back to the application.
        inputConnection - Optional specific input connection for communicating with the text box; if null, you should use the generic bound input connection.
        info - Information about the text box (typically, an EditText) that requests input.
        See Also:
      • restartInput

        void restartInput(InputConnection inputConnection,
                        EditorInfo attribute)
        This method is called when the state of this input method needs to be reset.

        Typically, this method is called when the input focus is moved from one text box to another.

        inputConnection - Optional specific input connection for communicating with the text box; if null, you should use the generic bound input connection.
        attribute - The attribute of the text box (typically, a EditText) that requests input.
        See Also:
      • setSessionEnabled

        void setSessionEnabled(InputMethodSession session,
                             boolean enabled)
        Control whether a particular input method session is active.
        session - The InputMethodSession previously provided through SessionCallback.sessionCreated() that is to be changed.
      • changeInputMethodSubtype

        void changeInputMethodSubtype(InputMethodSubtype subtype)
        Notify that the input method subtype is being changed in the same input method.
        subtype - New subtype of the notified input method


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