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Class TextServicesManager

  • public final class TextServicesManager
    extends Object
    System API to the overall text services, which arbitrates interaction between applications and text services. You can retrieve an instance of this interface with Context.getSystemService(). The user can change the current text services in Settings. And also applications can specify the target text services.

    Architecture Overview

    There are three primary parties involved in the text services framework (TSF) architecture:

    • The text services manager as expressed by this class is the central point of the system that manages interaction between all other parts. It is expressed as the client-side API here which exists in each application context and communicates with a global system service that manages the interaction across all processes.
    • A text service implements a particular interaction model allowing the client application to retrieve information of text. The system binds to the current text service that is in use, causing it to be created and run.
    • Multiple client applications arbitrate with the text service manager for connections to text services.

    Text services sessions

    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static TextServicesManager getInstance()
        Retrieve the global TextServicesManager instance, creating it if it doesn't already exist.
      • newSpellCheckerSession

        public SpellCheckerSession newSpellCheckerSession(Bundle bundle,
                                                 Locale locale,
                                                 SpellCheckerSession.SpellCheckerSessionListener listener,
                                                 boolean referToSpellCheckerLanguageSettings)
        Get a spell checker session for the specified spell checker
        locale - the locale for the spell checker. If locale is null and referToSpellCheckerLanguageSettings is true, the locale specified in Settings will be returned. If locale is not null and referToSpellCheckerLanguageSettings is true, the locale specified in Settings will be returned only when it is same as locale. Exceptionally, when referToSpellCheckerLanguageSettings is true and locale is only language (e.g. "en"), the specified locale in Settings (e.g. "en_US") will be selected.
        listener - a spell checker session lister for getting results from a spell checker.
        referToSpellCheckerLanguageSettings - if true, the session for one of enabled languages in settings will be returned.
        the spell checker session of the spell checker
      • setCurrentSpellChecker

        public void setCurrentSpellChecker(SpellCheckerInfo sci)
      • getCurrentSpellCheckerSubtype

        public SpellCheckerSubtype getCurrentSpellCheckerSubtype(boolean allowImplicitlySelectedSubtype)
      • setSpellCheckerEnabled

        public void setSpellCheckerEnabled(boolean enabled)
      • isSpellCheckerEnabled

        public boolean isSpellCheckerEnabled()


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