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Class HTML5VideoView

    • Field Detail

      • mProxy

        protected android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy mProxy
      • mSaveSeekTime

        protected int mSaveSeekTime
      • mVideoLayerId

        protected int mVideoLayerId
      • mCurrentState

        protected static int mCurrentState
      • mUri

        protected Uri mUri
      • mTimer

        protected static Timer mTimer
      • mPauseDuringPreparing

        protected boolean mPauseDuringPreparing
      • mPlayerBuffering

        public boolean mPlayerBuffering
    • Constructor Detail

      • HTML5VideoView

        protected HTML5VideoView()
    • Method Detail

      • start

        public void start()
      • pause

        public void pause()
      • getDuration

        public int getDuration()
      • getCurrentPosition

        public int getCurrentPosition()
      • seekTo

        public void seekTo(int pos)
      • isPlaying

        public boolean isPlaying()
      • reset

        public void reset()
      • stopPlayback

        public void stopPlayback()
      • release

        public static void release()
      • isReleased

        public boolean isReleased()
      • getPauseDuringPreparing

        public boolean getPauseDuringPreparing()
      • init

        public void init(int videoLayerId,
                int position,
                boolean skipPrepare)
      • generateHeaders

        protected static Map<String,String> generateHeaders(String url,
                                         android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • setVideoURI

        public void setVideoURI(String uri,
                       android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • setOnCompletionListener

        public void setOnCompletionListener(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • setOnErrorListener

        public void setOnErrorListener(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • setOnPreparedListener

        public void setOnPreparedListener(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • setOnInfoListener

        public void setOnInfoListener(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • prepareDataCommon

        public void prepareDataCommon(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • reprepareData

        public void reprepareData(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • prepareDataAndDisplayMode

        public void prepareDataAndDisplayMode(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • getVideoLayerId

        public int getVideoLayerId()
      • getCurrentState

        public int getCurrentState()
      • pauseAndDispatch

        public void pauseAndDispatch(android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy)
      • enterFullScreenVideoState

        public void enterFullScreenVideoState(int layerId,
                                     android.webkit.HTML5VideoViewProxy proxy,
                                     WebViewClassic webView)
      • isFullScreenMode

        public boolean isFullScreenMode()
      • decideDisplayMode

        public void decideDisplayMode()
      • getReadyToUseSurfTex

        public boolean getReadyToUseSurfTex()
      • deleteSurfaceTexture

        public void deleteSurfaceTexture()
      • getTextureName

        public int getTextureName()
      • getPlayerBuffering

        public boolean getPlayerBuffering()
      • setPlayerBuffering

        public void setPlayerBuffering(boolean playerBuffering)
      • switchProgressView

        protected void switchProgressView(boolean playerBuffering)
      • fullScreenExited

        public boolean fullScreenExited()
      • setStartWhenPrepared

        public void setStartWhenPrepared(boolean willPlay)
      • getStartWhenPrepared

        public boolean getStartWhenPrepared()
      • showControllerInFullScreen

        public void showControllerInFullScreen()


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