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Interface WebViewProvider

  • All Known Implementing Classes:

    public interface WebViewProvider
    WebView backend provider interface: this interface is the abstract backend to a WebView instance; each WebView object is bound to exactly one WebViewProvider object which implements the runtime behavior of that WebView. All methods must behave as per their namesake in WebView, unless otherwise noted.
    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init(Map<String,Object> javaScriptInterfaces,
                boolean privateBrowsing)
        Initialize this WebViewProvider instance. Called after the WebView has fully constructed.
        javaScriptInterfaces - is a Map of interface names, as keys, and object implementing those interfaces, as values.
        privateBrowsing - If true the web view will be initialized in private / incognito mode.
      • setHorizontalScrollbarOverlay

        void setHorizontalScrollbarOverlay(boolean overlay)
      • setVerticalScrollbarOverlay

        void setVerticalScrollbarOverlay(boolean overlay)
      • overlayHorizontalScrollbar

        boolean overlayHorizontalScrollbar()
      • overlayVerticalScrollbar

        boolean overlayVerticalScrollbar()
      • getVisibleTitleHeight

        int getVisibleTitleHeight()
      • setHttpAuthUsernamePassword

        void setHttpAuthUsernamePassword(String host,
                                       String realm,
                                       String username,
                                       String password)
      • getHttpAuthUsernamePassword

        String[] getHttpAuthUsernamePassword(String host,
                                           String realm)
      • destroy

        void destroy()
        See WebView.destroy(). As well as releasing the internal state and resources held by the implementation, the provider should null all references it holds on the WebView proxy class, and ensure no further method calls are made to it.
      • setNetworkAvailable

        void setNetworkAvailable(boolean networkUp)
      • savePicture

        boolean savePicture(Bundle b,
                          File dest)
      • restorePicture

        boolean restorePicture(Bundle b,
                             File src)
      • loadUrl

        void loadUrl(String url)
      • postUrl

        void postUrl(String url,
                   byte[] postData)
      • saveWebArchive

        void saveWebArchive(String filename)
      • stopLoading

        void stopLoading()
      • reload

        void reload()
      • canGoBack

        boolean canGoBack()
      • goBack

        void goBack()
      • canGoForward

        boolean canGoForward()
      • goForward

        void goForward()
      • canGoBackOrForward

        boolean canGoBackOrForward(int steps)
      • goBackOrForward

        void goBackOrForward(int steps)
      • isPrivateBrowsingEnabled

        boolean isPrivateBrowsingEnabled()
      • pageUp

        boolean pageUp(boolean top)
      • pageDown

        boolean pageDown(boolean bottom)
      • clearView

        void clearView()
      • capturePicture

        Picture capturePicture()
      • getScale

        float getScale()
      • setInitialScale

        void setInitialScale(int scaleInPercent)
      • invokeZoomPicker

        void invokeZoomPicker()
      • getHitTestResult

        HitTestResult getHitTestResult()
      • requestFocusNodeHref

        void requestFocusNodeHref(Message hrefMsg)
      • requestImageRef

        void requestImageRef(Message msg)
      • getOriginalUrl

        String getOriginalUrl()
      • getFavicon

        Bitmap getFavicon()
      • getTouchIconUrl

        String getTouchIconUrl()
      • getProgress

        int getProgress()
      • getContentHeight

        int getContentHeight()
      • getContentWidth

        int getContentWidth()
      • pauseTimers

        void pauseTimers()
      • resumeTimers

        void resumeTimers()
      • onPause

        void onPause()
      • onResume

        void onResume()
      • isPaused

        boolean isPaused()
      • freeMemory

        void freeMemory()
      • clearCache

        void clearCache(boolean includeDiskFiles)
      • clearFormData

        void clearFormData()
      • clearHistory

        void clearHistory()
      • clearSslPreferences

        void clearSslPreferences()
      • setFindListener

        void setFindListener(android.webkit.WebView.FindListener listener)
      • findNext

        void findNext(boolean forward)
      • findAll

        int findAll(String find)
      • findAllAsync

        void findAllAsync(String find)
      • showFindDialog

        boolean showFindDialog(String text,
                             boolean showIme)
      • clearMatches

        void clearMatches()
      • documentHasImages

        void documentHasImages(Message response)
      • setPictureListener

        void setPictureListener(PictureListener listener)
      • addJavascriptInterface

        void addJavascriptInterface(Object obj,
                                  String interfaceName)
      • removeJavascriptInterface

        void removeJavascriptInterface(String interfaceName)
      • setMapTrackballToArrowKeys

        void setMapTrackballToArrowKeys(boolean setMap)
      • flingScroll

        void flingScroll(int vx,
                       int vy)
      • getZoomControls

        View getZoomControls()
      • canZoomIn

        boolean canZoomIn()
      • canZoomOut

        boolean canZoomOut()
      • zoomIn

        boolean zoomIn()
      • zoomOut

        boolean zoomOut()
      • dumpViewHierarchyWithProperties

        void dumpViewHierarchyWithProperties(BufferedWriter out,
                                           int level)
      • findHierarchyView

        View findHierarchyView(String className,
                             int hashCode)
      • getViewDelegate

        WebViewProvider.ViewDelegate getViewDelegate()
        the ViewDelegate implementation. This provides the functionality to back all of the name-sake functions from the View and ViewGroup base classes of WebView.
      • getScrollDelegate

        WebViewProvider.ScrollDelegate getScrollDelegate()
        a ScrollDelegate implementation. Normally this would be same object as is returned by getViewDelegate().


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